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E-Twinz: has recorded a real uplifting 6 track EP that brings back good ol´ memories how the marvelous records from Treblecharger,Marvelous 3, SR 71 and American Hi-Fi used to sound like.
I´m talking about modern rock oriented powerpop where every single one of these 5 songs could end up as a radio hit (I don´t include the short interlude of "Musicbox" coz it´s only 10 seconds long).
I wonder if Cheap Trick knows how many bands they have influenced through the years?! Well,ok then - E-Twinz must have listened a bit to the popular punkpop genre as well but only a little.
Thumbs up on the production that can match any major label release out there,if you want edgy guitars and energetic songs - don´t look any further!
BUY OR DIE! - Kaj Roth - ****


Previous bands which E-Twinz used to be involved with Morning Maker, Deluxe, Faces of Eve and Mindrop. Who gives a !#$*, The E is what matters!

Etwinz - Self-Titled Debut

Streaming audio available at www.etwinz.com



E-Twinz is a four piece Vancouver band with modern rock/pop/punk influences all over it's new self titled release. Recorded and mixed by some of the biggest heavyweights in the industry including Dave “Rave” Ogilvie, Mike Fraser, Scott Humphrey and Warne Livesey, the album's songs and production can match any major label release out there.

E-Twinz frontman, Carmon, having toured with the likes of Nickelback, 54-40, Big Sugar, Default, and countless others while with his previous project Morning Maker, is sure to up the ante with the new project E-Twinz. The new Self-Titled EP delivers something for everyone from modern rock oriented powerpop to punk, where every single one of these 5 songs could end up as a radio hit.

E-Twinz emerged from the studio with five fresh new tracks and a back log of material sure to draw the attention of commercial radio and labels alike. The band is currently promoting their first single “Does Anybody Really Care” at radio in Canada and the US.

The Debut EP was produced and recorded by Darren Grahn and recorded at the world famous Mushroom Studios and The Warehouse Studio and mixed at Armoury Studios, The Warehouse Studio, in Vancouver, Canada, and the Chop Shop in LA, CA. Contributing mix efforts by producer/mixing veterans, Warne Livesey, Dave "Rave" Ogilvie, Mike Fraser, and Scott Humphrey ensure the EP rocks!