Electric Umbilical Cord
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Electric Umbilical Cord

Band Alternative EDM


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"Electric Shock Therapy"

An Electric Umbilical Cord connects Wes Thatcher and Corey Crawford to a world of slow, dark electronic sounds with mood-evoking lyrics. Thus, it's fitting that the duo would dub themselves as such; Electric Umbilical Cord (EUC) focuses on creating a sound and vibe contrary to that of Southern California's laid back lifestyle of sunshine and pop- a moody concoction of sexy synthesizer and drum beats "We develop moody atmospheric music to create or illicit emotion in people," says Thatcher. "Our main goal is to create an atmosphere that removes the listeners from their current environment." ........ - 944 Magazine

"Electric Umbilical Cord"

Breathing life back into the dance party, Electric Umbilical Cord are not afraid to let loose musically or physically. Shunning the standard instrumental setup and instead employing three synths, electronics, three microphones, and and a shitload of sass, they surpass the boundaries enforced by everyday bands to unleash their own brand of synthedelic supertunes. Brutus Sterling, Niles Watchtower, and Ager Nahsty equal sexy synth times three. Their melodies, loops and complex beats are whimsical and catchy while musically adept. Something about their songs just gets your toe tapping. But you can’t fully realize Electric Umbilical Cord’s effect on their fans until you attend one of their raging dance parties, a.k.a. shows. You never know what they might be wearing or which personas they might adopt for the evening. Their music brings out the dance freak in everyone; I dare you to try not to move. - SDMusicMatters.com


EP in the works for Spring 09



Electric Umbilical Cord has been making music as an electronic duo in many different forms over the past 7 years. Originally hailing from San Diego, California they uprooted themselves 2 years ago and moved coasts to Brooklyn New York. Influenced by early post punk and experimental electronic bands i.e early The Cure, Factory Records, Brian Eno, Einstuerzende Neubauten, EUC mixes textured electronic sounds along with obscure visual elements to pull the audience into their mysterious world.