Euclydes Mattos

Euclydes Mattos


From São Paulo to Spain, Euclydes Mattos is a recognized guitarist in the brazilian style. Perfectly known in venues and Spanish jazz festivals, sweet and gentle Euclydes goes back to Brazil to offer us what he can do best: whispering bossa-nova and picking his tender guitar strings.


Born in Santos (Sâo Paulo, Brazil), he took up music lessons from his mother's father at age 6. He was instructed in classic music and when he was 16 he started touring around Brazil. He attended Centro Violonístico Atilio Bernardini,directed by Umberto Neri. Euclydes graduated both in Music at conservatory Heitor Villa Lobos and in Law at Facultad Católica de Derecho de Santos, though balancing for a music career.

He moved to Sâo Paulo, where he was hired during a year to perform at Paulistur (Sâo Paulo Tourist Office) and at several night clubs such as Café-Bar Boca da Noite, a historical pub from the 80s' paulist nights, where he was hired during four years.

He recorded and performed with Vania Bastos, Eduardo Gudin, Marcia Salomón, Roberto Menescal, Ana de Hollanda and with the great composer Zé Ketty, among others.

In mid 1992 he travelled to Spain and, accepting a request by the General Consulate of Brazil in Barcelona, he directed a project called «Un Viaje a Través de la Música Popular Brasileña» which was presented all around the Spanish and Balearic territory.

He has been invited to perform at jazz clubs, culture centers, theaters and festivals, such as Festival de Músicas del Mundo de Navarra, VII Rabat Festival and the XXIII International Asilah Festival in Morocco (2001).


Simplemente Bonito (Capita Planet Records - 1997)
Live in Barcelona (Capita Planet Records - 1998)
Novos Tempos (Capita Planet Records - 1999)
Veleiro (Azel Producciones - 2003)
Poeta Aprendiz (Gemecs - 2004)
Infinito de Nos Dois (Picap - 2006)
Tudo Azul (Rosazul - 2008)