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Written By: Lib Borjal

Sadness seems sincere in this world today
Why do all these things pop out?
They scare me, they frighten me
And the fear is provoked in me
I just woke up and I felt
all the pain of the world
I just opened my eyes and then I realized
all the suffering people

chorus 1:
And I feel too desolate to let this out to anyone
And I feel too caught up in this madness
And I am lost in all the tragedies and pain
Feels like I'm headed for a breakdown;
I've gone insane


If I were to ask your god one question,
it would be this
Why did you create all the people to suffer, to suffer like this
All the pain, I can't bear it anymore
And I cannot distance myself from this
I feel wrath!
Why all this tragedy?!

chorus 2:
Why does all this have to happen?
Why do all these things strike us?
Why are the innocent affected?
Why, tell me why


If I could just have a a healing hand
If I could save everyone from this
But I can hear the devils of despair
They're calling out to me and I

don't know what to do
I twirl around, I twirl around
Until I'm getting dizzy
Dizzy here dancing on the edge
Dancing on the edge
Do you know how I feel right now?
Do you know what it's like to be me?
To be anguished 'cause of all
the suffering of others

Tragedy is striking again
Tragedy, I hate you
The skies have turned so gray
I'm in pain because of all of you,
your suffering.