Stark yet upbeat indiefolk tunes long on emotion and short on any frills. will leave you with a homey feel. with my guitar and mandolin chimed together under my very personal lyrics i will leave you wanting more (New Haven Register, NH CT)


With the Eugene's 2nd album Third Floor Sessions, he launched a free music campaign to benefit the homeless.
Those who request a copy of the album will receive it by mail along with a donation envelope and information
on the Connecticut coalition to end homelessness. The hope is to generate generosity and awareness as well
as donations for the cause. Eugene has gained local recognition and was recently nominated the areas best singer/songwriter. Eugene is currently playing gigs in CT, and working on a new album project.


The tracks that have recieved major airplay are ORDINARY off of my latest LP 3rd floor sessions, As well as STRONGER which got some airplay on New Haven CT's WPLR local music show, and in turn made it to the top ten on a KC 101 songwritting compitition.
*Third Floor Sessions (2005)*
*Insider Demos (2001)*
*Harmless-Play compilations CD (2006)*
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Set List

Half hour to Two hours(typical set 45 min- 1 hour)
1. On top of the world
2. Harmless
3. I'm feeling good
4. Stronger
5. Human Canon
6. I want it all
7. Nights like these
8. I wrote my feelings down
9. Lunch Bag
10. In love with the world
11. Visable*

The occasional cover when deemed appriopriate.
Beck, Satan Gave me a taco, American Girl Tom Petty, Iron and wine trapize swinger