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"Revved Up and Hot"

Revved up for a white, hot night every time they take the stage, Eugene Marks shoots into action with their high-energy style. This sexy trio of talented, local musicians is wired-for-sound and upstages the best of the best.

After having successfully debuted in York in April 2008 (following just four months of preparation), Eugene Marks continues to dominate the entertainment scene and are on a quest for success as they prove to be a genuine talent and class act in the public's eye. Imbuing a bit of the punk-rocker look and exuding a passion to play, Eugene Marks steals the crowd's attention with their hypnotic light show and quality sound. During a recent show, one patron remarked, "The visuals and the sound capture and keep your attention ... Eugene Marks yields high energy and gets the crowd involved." A surreal vision comes to life to be sure, with creativity at its very core. Into the crowd they rove, their energy and enthusiasm creating a cathartic experience for music lovers.

I, for one, almost fell off my chair the minute they hit the stage and started to play. In seeking quality entertainment, one must admit that they're a breed worthy of attention. All members launch powerfully onto stage, smoking with what they lightly refer to as "gangster rock." Rendered unstoppable, this band represents the younger Sutherland's lifelong dream to jam with his idol, his father.

And rock they did, after hurrying back from a private gig in Maryland to make their electrifying appearance on-stage at the Tourist Inn; the trio was great from the start. You almost feel an intoxicating surge of adrenaline in the face of such awe-inspiring talent. It's not just the show; these guys can play like hell, although they modestly credit their stage presentation as their hallmark to fame. Despite their modesty, their blues and classic rock rhythm reflects an obvious ability to liven an audience with an equal, unadulterated capacity to play.

To think I stifled a yawn at first, assuming the night would continue to dissipate into disappointment after fighting through York traffic. But I was totally wrong because Eugene Marks grabbed my attention with their powerful presence. I wanted to shake my bootie. Not easy to energize, I felt inspired to rock. I observed them with wide eyes, stunned to witness just how phenomenal these guys are on stage. My companion and I just looked at one another and said, "Wow! These guys are good!"

Although a fan of '70s folk rock and the legendary Elton John, I can tell you that Eugene Marks, live on stage, emanates great appeal. Presentation and style make their act a novelty; however, these three guys are far from short on musical talent.

The act punches out what they call "hard-driving classic rock 'n roll blues." Flawless execution of musical talent makes this awesome trio more than a conglomerate of grand theatrics; their music is unmistakably crisp, precise, pure energy accelerating into powerful waves of audible delight. Slow-motion strobes caught the scorching presence and ability of the drummer, Sterner, in the backdrop, while the Sutherland duo actively engaged in an intense display of show-and-tell talent.

Accelerating into action from the get-go, they never dogged out. A sure crowd-pleaser, these guys salute their fans. "We appreciate the public's support," they told me. Working other jobs, while managing and performing innumerable gigs, fills their time as they shoot for scoring a full-time music profession.

Steadily tapping into their talent, patrons are signing them on to do private performances everywhere. These guys are in hot pursuit of a full-time career in music as they collaborate on a future CD including original works. The road ahead looks clear as the band crosses York County lines to Lebanon County on the club scene.

Clearly, adoration for such talent betook me, and I couldn't fathom why this band had not yet conquered the Lancaster club scene. York has a precious gift in its midst. But Lancaster fans want them on-stage, too. There is no doubt that Eugene Marks will bring down the house in a roar of applause. Lancaster club owners need to snag this band. No one wants to miss this show. It's a good one.

Their intent is as hard-driving as their music ... they made such an impression on me. Far from lame, these guys are intense, focused, and sharp. They know what they're doing, and they have fun doing it. - Fly Magazine


Two singles entitled "Cashing In My Chips" & "Walk Away" are available now!
Eugene Marks is currently recording original music for an upcoming CD release party.



Born in York, Pennsylvania and playing music for most of his life, 26 year old Eugene Marks has embarked on a mission to do everything in his power to truly reach his full potential playing high energy Rock -n- Roll music. Marks began to dominate the entertainment scene with his captivating performances by playing his original songs along with blues, and classic to modern Rock -n- Roll favorites. Marks produces these hit songs with high energy and incredible musicianship keeping an audience dancing for an entire night, leaving them wanting for more.
The Eugene Marks Band consist of the area's finest virtuosos, players that have taken their craft to new levels. This masterful lineup includes Eugene Marks on Bass guitar, lead and backing vocals, Mark Sutherland Sr. on guitar and vocals and Ray Gieda on drums and vocals. This combination of talent and drive blend into a musical experience that is unforgettable. In seeking quality entertainment, one will have to admit that The Eugene Marks Band is truly a class act worthy of attention.