Eugene Michael Joseph

Eugene Michael Joseph


I am singer-songwriter whose music has been described as "virtuoso folk music". My music draws from my experience as a classical and flamenco guitarist, my musical education in college (particularly avant-garde western classical music), and the music I grew up listening too (Fleetwood Mac, Lindsey Buckingham, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor...etc).

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Pass Over

Written By: Eugene Michael Joseph

They told me not to stray too far away...from you...
Or I would surely lose my follow through...
So...I read...the books...they told me to...
They were about you...
Still I don't...have a clue...

Slowly fade away
Don't look back, don't try to stay
Release their grasp, from your shoulders
Don't look back it's time to pass over

Pass Over...(x4)

I don't think I'll ever see the light
I can't turn off this switch you put in my head...
She said maybe...I said maybe not...