Eugene's Axe

Eugene's Axe


Eugene's Axe is a modern psychedelic rock experience. Take Pink Floyd, infuse it with modern sounds of Pearl Jam and Mars Volta, throw in unique cosmic progressions and out comes an inter-gallactic blend of bluesy rhythmic rock with a bit of a Nirvana pulse emanating from within


Beyond the fourth Andromeda galaxy lies a desolate, shattered planet. Through the wake of an imploded Carina star and across the Y mannifold, all travelers are cast upon the maroon shores of this dead world. These particular shores, filled with cannibals who stare longingly into the blackened acid filled ocean, lead to a city that waits with hope and a connection back to the universe. From this city, called the “City by the Wayside,” the “Gamma Ray Blues” and other songs by Eugene’s Axe emanate from within.

This unique sound from the Denver/Boulder band, Eugene’s Axe, transports its listeners to such distant galaxies with its modern, experimental approach to psychedelic rock n’ roll. When listening to the Axe one immediately feels the Velvet Underground inspired, multi-dimensional atmospheric sensation. From below a bluesy Led Zeppelin/Muddy Waters foundation takes hold, while a truly psychedelic space similar to those in Floyd’s “Saucerful of Secrets” drips down from outer space.

The story behind this music begins in 2006. Drummer Mike Roth and Guitarist Charlie Nilan came together in Boulder, Colorado and began an experimental music venture called “The Atomic Highway.” From steady heart pounding arsenic blues riffs to atmosphere covers of Pink Floyd’s “Interstellar Overdrive,” the Atomic Highway built a foundation for these two artists. Songs like “Arabian Funk” and “Eugene’s Lament” came from these experiences and this new universe began to form.

In 2007 Bassist Chris Wilke joined the pair to provide the booming, atmospheric lower end. Chris brought in modern influences (i.e. Mars Volta) and the sound grew from there. Here the band changed its name to Eugene’s Axe, named after Pink Floyd’s “Careful with that Axe Eugene,” and the trio began playing live shows in Boulder.

Between playing local shows in 2007 and 2008 the band recorded an EP titled “The Highway Ghost” and also recorded a full length album titled “Dead Planet”

Throughout 2007 and 2008 Eugene’s Axe began invading Denver, playing in clubs like the Cricket on the Hill and the Larimer Lounge and is poised to take over the city this summer....


2006-Highway Gost EP
2007-Dead Planet LP

Set List

The typical hour long Eugene's Axe set is built mainly by original music with the occasional re-invented cover to fill in gaps. A typical set list begins with rockin fan favorites like "Gamma Ray Blues","Limbo", and "Looming of a Thousand Spinning Parts." From there it progresses into pshychedelic space with songs like "U.F.O. radio" and "Y mannifold" and comes out the other end with "Arabian Funk" and "Red Olaf" to take the set home. A typical cover would be a "Eugene-ified" version of Velvet Underground's "Waiting for the Man" or Led Zeppelin's "Moby Dick"