The Eugene Smiles Project

The Eugene Smiles Project


The Eugene Smiles Project is a highly acclaimed original rock quartet hailing from Madison, Wisconsin. Performing a compelling blend of rock, blues & soul, the ESP brings their tapestry of sound & storytelling alive with searing slide guitar, soaring vocal harmonies and pocket driven bass & drums.


The Eugene Smiles Project performs original rock music that draws upon the sounds of classic Southern Rock, Blues, Soul and Funk to create a unique sonic landscape. A sense of storytelling permeates the music, with songs of loss, heartbreak, triumph and redemption. The Eugene Smiles Project is distinctly original, yet manages to sit squarely at the crossroads of the American rock tradition.

The audience appeal of the ESP is no secret: classic songwriting coupled with electrifying showmanship. The ESP's original material evokes the days of yore when music was a forum for emotion, debate, and revolution. They have created a musical melting pot that defies definition and while at times it may run contrary to current musical trends, it is always and forever true to its inspiration and roots.


Welcome to the New Old World, 2007

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Set List

The typical show consists of two 75 minute or one 90 minute set, with an 70/30 mix of original material to cover material.

Original Material:

Nevada Sand
Army of Love & Light
She's Going Underground
Cinnamon sunChild
Little Lightning Girl
e.d. come down
Mama's Song
Dr. McPherson's Lament
Barefoot Melinda (parts I & II)
The Lurper
Ghosts on the Highway
Back Down the Country

Cover Material:

Feelin' Alright
Whiskey River
Voodoo Child
Midnight Rider
Rainy Day Woman #12 & 45
You Can't Always Get What You Want
Wagon Wheel
Key to the Highway
Never Been to Spain
Life by the Drop
Manic Depression