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My homies Eugenius, Dee Skillz, and Foster decided to have a freestyle session after the open mic event yesterday. Check out some footage I captured and be on the look out for footage from the open mic. Enjoy! - Fresh-Cool-Dope


Took a few photos of the studio where No Suh Foster, Eugenius, Dee Skillz, and a few other artist are recording their upcoming mixtapes. - Fresh-Cool-Dope

"Eugenius Neutron - 808's & Headaches"

video I shot for Eugenius Neutron's track of Genetic Disorder entitled 808's & Headaches. Download Genetic Disorder mixtape HERE.
- Fresh-Cool-Dope


the year is coming to an end, and I really appreciate each and everyone who supported FRESH COOL DOPE. Thanks to everyone who reached out and allowed me to do work for them, and I hope to do more work with others in the future. Below is a video I put together of most of the videos I've shot over the past year.
- Fresh-Cool-Dope

"Lover, Dreamer, Lover, Rebel Group"

Lover Dreamer Lover Rebel Group (LDLR) is comprised of four members who go by the names of Dee Skillz, Eugenius Neutron, Chris Jay, and No Suh Foster. -

"Photo Book."

Got my photo book made a few weeks back.
- Fresh-Cool-Dope

"radicalBeings Interviews LDLR Group"

radicalBEings Nicole Scarlett conducts an informal interview with the members of the LDLR Group. - Scarlett Fever

"Music: LDLR Group – Turning Tables"

Turning Tables by Eugenius ft Do Fresh & Dee Skillz
“Million Dollar Dream$” {9/4/12)
prod. by DisBYoBoiDrek
Follow Them On Twitter @iAmEugenius & @LDLRGroup - Scarlett Fever

"Feelin Good [Remix]-Dee Skillz feat. Dev Holly, Foster, & Eugenius"

Friday I attended the Poetry Club's open mic session here at A&M. It was also a listening session for Dee Skillz new mixtape "The Beautiful Noise." It was a good turn out and with the footage I got I decided to make a video to the Feelin Good [Remix]. Check it out below and the song's cover photo I took. Enjoy!
- Fresh-Cool-Dope


Million Dollar Dream$ - (Sep 2012)
Spare Change EP - (Aug 2012)
Genetic Disorder - (Sep 2011)
The Brainstorm - (Apr 2011)
The Pluto Project (Sep 2010)
Eugenius Neutron: Boy Genius (Mar 2010)
Tha Stroke of Eugenius (Sept 2009)



Only present on this earth at for 24 years, he has already accomplished many that others may still have dreams to. At the age of nine had his first live performance at a local record store concert in Birmingham, and from there journey began. Hard to imagine the distance traveled that began from square zero. From someone who’s first CD was actually recording on a karaoke machine, Eugenius is now a jack of all trades and a master of some as well. A leading pioneer in saying what’s never been said and what won’t be said.Accomplishments are only considered things of the past for Eugenius, but today it’s a lot more about what have you done than what you can do. With that said, it’s strange that in person he would car less to talk about the numerous freestyle battle competitions, including AAMU Free style Battle Hosted by SGA in 2008, the BET black college tour 2009, and a repeat in 2010. Even outside the domain of rap, he can still hold his own with any audience as proven by his victory in House Arrest 2’s Star Maker: AAMU Edition. Which rewarded he with radio play and was his seed in heavy rotation for one of his biggest hits entitled “Pass Me By”, which he directed , filmed and edited the music video for himself. The single can also be heard on his iTunes Debut Album, “The Brainstorm”, which released on April 13, 2011. From the beginning, he has always been humble, but the humbleness disappears completely when on stage. What can you expect from some who’s been performing since the age of nine? It began with a dominant presence in Birmingham’s high school market and branch into the opening act in arena of local stars such as M.P., Birmingham Jay, Ruben Studdard, Doe B. and also major stars such as Bone Crusher, Rasheeda, Dem Franchise Boys, Bone Crusher, and even new comers such as G-Mane with his latest hit single “Dip In The Club”.Although performance is a big key to an artist success, is still doesn’t out shine the work ethic that drives Eugenius. He’s had his own label since the age of 16 and has now expanded into two, Trend Setters Incorporated originally and now the second branch, Loner Dreamer Lover Rebel, LLC. From there the creation process that includes not only music but graphic design, web design, video production, songwriter, duplication and marketing, Eugenius embodies the model of the independent artist for today’s music industry.