New Haven, Connecticut, USA
BandRockNew Age

Pulsating, sincere on verge of unraveling happy distortion ~ Running down complex flourishes with clarity melodious squares ~ Beat Beat crash crash slap swelling to precise fullness pooling on the floor


Live video, "Rosie the Riveter" :
Live video, "A Hold" :

Alyse Lamb, Nate Rose, and Jef Maleri make Eula – a ball of anxiety, noise, pleasure, and distress – all with a blanket of tongue-in-cheek sincerity.

The three musicians met in the basement of their college’s independent radio station in New Haven, CT. While Alyse and Nate were already attached in other musical projects, it wasn’t long before the three realized an immediate connection and formed what is now Eula in the winter of 2006. Jef stepped aboard playing bass, Nate moved from lead guitar to behind the drum kit, and Alyse took over all guitar duties.

Eula set to work and self-released “The Lovely Disaster” demo in May of 2006, but it wasn’t until the release of 2007’s “Up In Arms” EP that afforded Eula a spot on Skipping Stones Records’ “Popfest 2007” bill in Northampton, MA. “Up In Arms” also garnered Eula a spot opening for Jade Tree artist Panda & Angel, as well as performances at the legendary Kenny’s Castaways and Club Midway in New York City, to name a few.

Eula then released “Fill Your Heart” EP on January 11, 2008 to rave reviews. They were named Independisc Music Club’s “Feb. ’08 Feature”, and chosen first on the list for “Six Bands to Watch in ‘08” by the New Haven Advocate. Eula was also asked to open for Three One G recording artist The Chinese Stars for their CT tour date. Eula plans to hit the studio in late summer to record their full-length debut.

Whether categorized as “postmodern mood-rock”, “haunting indie rock” or just good old-fashioned rock & roll, Eula undoubtedly defies conventional labels. What does remain tangible is their overwhelming sense of playful anxiety, coupled with sincerity. Jef's jarring, melodious basslines complement Alyse's shouts, cries and pulsating guitar noise; while Nate's capitulating rhythms infect your body to a shimmy. And do they ever make quite a romp!


"Fill Your Heart" EP - Jan. 2008
1. fight riff
2. a hold
3. rosie
4. I could cry
5. bee song

"Up in Arms" EP - Jan. 2007
1. rosie the riveter
2. simple machine
3. I could cry

"The Lovely Disaster" Demo - May 2006
1. the ending
2. hunters are killers
3. tree for shade
4. mary spoke
5. you ask me please

Set List

1. the ending
2. tree for shade
3. A Hold
4. simple machine
5. right riff
6. I Could Cry
7. Rosie the Riveter
8. at its worst
9. put your gun back

eula can play a 30 - 45 minute set list.