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"Showcase Your Music"


(A) R.E. Willis (2008-01-08 18:55:35)

You guys have left the rest of us behind. Reminds me of what happened when the Modern Jazz Quartet showed up in the middle of Bebop. 5 :)

(A) Ervin P (2008-01-06 15:47:25)

Damn.First time i've heard music like this ! You've invented new genre ;) I like it! Here's 5 from me.ONE
(A) D,rel and His Music (2008-01-06 00:18:39)

Wow What an amazing sound It's different and unique and unique works for me U have nice production and lyrics and really good voices So 55555 from me Stay on your grind and do U GOD BLESS
(A) Air Echo Music (2008-01-04 02:19:42)

Hey there! Ur sounds feel mysterious!! Makes me listen more and more! No boring songs here! Bravo! Ur votes=8, +my V5A=9votes! God Bless U all!!! Happy New Year!! (º.º) Peter
(A) Jim O'Keeffe (2008-01-02 07:22:06)

These are highly origional tracks and also very well produced.Both of you work well together and you sure stamp your authority on each song.I'm giving you a 5 and thanks for the lovely comment and vote. Take care. Jim
(A) Feels Like Friday (2008-01-01 20:26:32)

Hey thanks! Your songs are very cool! Great production and collaboration. 5+
(A) JammyBen (2008-01-01 18:06:28)

Like the sounds you got flowing there ... Keep the tight work going ... Top rating from me ... Respect
(A) Days of Grace (2007-12-29 12:50:31)

Great sound, great blend of voices. Good stuff. Get a big 5 from us too. Keep the music comming..
(A) ROB'S BASS CAFE! (2007-12-28 08:07:44)

Thanks so much! I love your stuff, it's great! And original! Keep it up! A big 55555 and a funky coffee from Rob, Belgium xxx
(A) Leo D (2007-12-27 19:07:58)

Great sound. Very original. Rated you a 5
(A) O V E L (2007-11-06 21:39:10)

- Comments from other Musicians

"Port Washington NY"

...Sean will be seen... - Port Light

"San Francisco Herb Caen"

...Sean Branco did it.... - San Francisco Chronicle


We have an album called Eulalia on and and all original songs that can be bought individually as well.



Eulalia a five-year-old girl from West Virginia gets a piano from her farmer father. They are poor the piano is an enormous expense for them. They don’t have electricity, or indoor plumbing, but her father has a vision - a vision of his daughter playing a piano in their local church. He feels compelled and buys the piano. Amazingly, within weeks Eulalia is picking out tunes, two years later she is playing not only in her own church, but in all the churches in your tiny mountain community.

Sean is a seven-year-old boy from a New York City family. He is a poor student a habitual truant - can’t read. His family and teachers are giving up on him, but his music teacher is touched by his beautiful choirboy voice. She coaxes him to sing Steven Foster’s Beautiful Dreamer at a school assembly when he finishes there is a moment of complete silence - six grades of students and their teachers are in tears.

Thirty years pass. Eulalia has graduated from West Virginias Wesleyan University on a music scholarship she was the first person from her small community to go to college. She has dedicated her life to teaching underprivileged children like herself. She is teaching in ghetto schools in Richmond California. Sean has worked on Broadway as assistant to Alexander Cohen, the Broadway producer refuted to be the model for the producer in the movie “The Producer.” Sean drops out migrates to California and is living in the Haight Asbury Free Clinic commune in San Francisco. Eulalia and Sean meet at a party and a musical love affair begins.