Over the course of three days in August 2008 nine composer/ multi-instrumentalists congregated to participate in the musical experiment, Degenrelization. The creative environment of these recording sessions inspired an album, a documentary film and the birth of the band Eunoia.


It all started with a single pulse...tempo unleashing rhythm!
A bang and a boom! And a crash and a tune!

Eunoia is a band of nine multi-instrumentalist/composers that emerged out of the inaugural Degenrelization sessions hosted August 2nd - 4ths 2008.

Degenrelization is a musical experiment seeking to create sounds beyond established categorization. Each participant was invited to contribute a song, theme, or metaphor for their choice ensemble to explore. In addition to the traditional rock band arrangement (bass/drums/guitar/vocals) composers had the opportunity to colour their sound with an eclectic array of approximately 20 instruments, including the oboe, vibraphone and french horn.

A two hour time slot was reserved for each composition to be developed and recorded. Beyond the restriction of time, the composers were liberated to create a musical statement to their imaginations content. Ten songs were recorded over the course of three days.

Eunoia's debut album, Degenrelization, showcases the results of this experiment and the varied musical abilities of the artists. This idea culminates with Decline's track Relaxings and Your Last Thing. It is a remix that is made up of samples from each performer on the album. Other tracks combine familiar musical stylings like baroque with bluegrass and funk. Positive Feedback Moon Cycles contains a samba groove that features mandolin and vibraphone. Homeland Security is an acoustic rock song which incorporates raga rhythms and drones.

All the members of the band sing and their lyrics focus upon natural, social and mystical aspects of life. Sleepwalking Through Daydreams ponders a spiritual existence within a media saturated culture. The Ropes and Seeking That Which Creates anticipate a future where natures wrath forces humankind to reassess their role on Earth.

To hear a podcast describing the experience of recording Degenrelization and samples of Eunoia's music visit Eunoia are actively performing in the Vancouver area. To view live video clips and a trailer for the documentary of the recording sessions visit

Individual Experience

The members of Eunoia have migrated to Vancouver from central BC, Alberta and Ontario. Rebecca Treherne is a honours graduate from UVIC's music program. She is an accomplished brass musician and pianist. Jeff Beaulieu, Brandon Hoffman and Cameron Catalano recorded and released an album under the name Metragnome in 2005. Since then, they have been honing their recording skills in Gladgnome Studios. Catalano is an SFU Communications graduate. His studies focused upon electro-acoustics, music and dialogue. He has recently completed a three composition commissioning for NAV CANADA. Hoffman, Matty Brown and Chad Matthews became acquainted as students of Stylus College in 2006. Hoffman currently teaches Audio/Midi Recording and Synthesis at Stylus. Mike Chadwick played drums for Vancouver funk band Foundation with Matthews. They released an album and toured Western Canada in 2007. Brown and DJ Decline collaborated on a hip-hop album as the Firearms Quartet in 2006. Syd Beagle plays drums with Reckoner, Hoffman Lenses and David Croft in Vancouver.


The Ropes

Written By: Brandon Hoffman

relaxing on the porch after
a hot and sunny day when
the plastic chair
beneath me
it begins to melt away

an' I try not to
let it get me
you can always
get another

just watch the sun dip down
below the hills
as the neighborhood kids play

They're dancin'
around the hydrant
as it's sprayin'
into the street

all the while their houses
burnin' down, yeah,
it crumbles to their feet

now I'm driftin'
down the freeway
it's the biggest flood since noah
since he led us all to safety
I'm on a raft
made of everything I own
at least I'm not alone
I've got my things to keep me company on the way

then the ropes that hold it all together
start to give way
and my things trail off into the distance of the long forgotten day

But that's okay
Yeh that's okay
No one really needs all that

That's okay

Sleepwalking Through Daydreams

Written By: Matty Brown

pale leaves and broken angels
litter the sidewalk
shoes beg for mercy
from concrete strangleholds

while we stroll
down the never ending road

blank face and stolen halos
on the theatre screen
lights out and cut the cables
on the children's dreams

while we stoll
down the never ending road

space-age and golden ratios
ripping at the seams
tv and magazines
tell us what we need

while we stroll
down a never ending road
road that's winding through our souls

snowflakes and christmas mornin'
lull us into sleep
burnt bridges bury ashes
while we softly weep

while we stroll
down a never ending road

past times and memories
too blurred to see

while we stroll
down a never ending road

that's ripping through our souls
as we keep sleepwalking through daydreams of living
on the road
ripping through our souls
where we keep sleepwalking through day dreams living

seeking that which creates...

Written By: cameron catalano

Why can’t safe injection sites be corporate funded?
Tax cuts?
or maybe a bit of good karma?
It’s easier access for street ppl to have food if Wal Mart funds it.

...and why does it matter that Brittany shaved her head or dropped her kid or forgot that short skirts and panties usually go together?
How is that relevant!?
Why do I?...
Why do you know this?
Rich support, very rich support, given only to those who will contribute to their ever increasing wealth.
Marx was ranting about this a century and a half ago.

It seems to be human nature
...or maybe...just maybe
it’s more than that.

Maybe the way the wind
Blew Stanley Park away
Is like the underclass
(less structured, more ambiguous, dynamic, repressed, unmotivated/motivated)
No longer being ignored
being ignored no longer
longer knows ignored being
(no!no! yes!yes!)

The city taking
Every word the wind has to say
Broken branches litter the sky
A revolution horizon
Broken windows on the street
Hungry souls rob the hungry
taking just what they need

Translating the world thru words
Filtered confessions
Seeping thru fibres tightly woven
And spilling thru cracks broken open

Cracks become holes where judgement
Gets brushed aside
The web densely surrounding
Blocks efforts outside

The key to eternity is not Immortality

The lifeless tree
Now rotting in the ground
Nurtures its seeds
with nutrients its seedlings need

Circle of life lives, dies, gives, receives and consciously breathes

Reaping what we sow
Do you pick? Or do you grow?

(don't for get to pay your taxes)
(take the time to play catch with yer children)
(keep an eye on your carbon footprint)

Reaping what we sow

Homeland Security

Written By: Jeff Beaulieu

I lock the doors at night
and my windows too
I lock the doors at night
the news told me to

I lock the doors at night
but I must confide
I lock the doors at night
but I sleep outside

choose a stance
change your mind
take a chance
and open mine

they say they're always right
ask Dziekanski
they say this time we're right
I believe what I see

choose a stance
change your mind
take a chance
and open mine

Blind Date

Written By: Rebecca Treherne

waitin at the corner cafe
for the person I don't know
smokin' the time away
I'm just anxious for you to show

two hours later
no stranger
three hours later
creepin' up on four
you told me you'd be waiting at the door

if you'd realized what I've got
you won't say no
oh person person I don't know

four hours later
no stranger
closin' time soon at the cafe
baby baby where are you?
you said you'd like to come on my way

If I leave to go to the washroom
there's a chance I might miss you
then the waitress taps me on my shoulder
an' says 'I thought you were ordering for two?'

six hours later
no sign of
you the person I don't know
baby baby
I'm just waitin
I'm standin' outside an empty cafe
I guess I'm gettin' nothin tonight
looks like I'm walkin Johnny



Morning Do (Mike Chadwick)
The Ropes (Brandon Hoffman)
Sleepwalking Through Daydreams (Matty Brown)
Natural Exposure (Yetta Lin)
Positive Feedback Moon Cycles (Syd Beagle)
Seeking that which creates... (Cameron Catalano)
Homeland Security (Jeff Beaulieu)
Blind Date (Rebecca Treherne)
Night Zenned (Chad Matthews)
Relaxings and Your Last Thing (Mike Deklyne)

Set List

All Eunoia's songs are original compositions. Currently each member of the band has contributed two songs. This totals eighteen. A pair of fourty minute sets is what is in Eunoia's repertoire. 5-10 minute improvisations are often incorporated into live shows.

Current set list:
Morning Do
The Ropes
Funk Elise
Positive Feedback Moon Cycles
Seeking That Which Creates...
...the bubbles...
Homeland Security
Sleepwalking Through Daydreams
Blind Date
Night Zenned
From the Sun
Seeing Star Shooter