Euphonic is exactly what its name suggests - good sound. Their unique combination of guitar, cello, and percussion incorporates a variety of styles and influences, including Spanish, classical, folk, ragtime, and jazz. Their music is both simple and complex; accessible to everyone.


Euphonic first began as a rock band, but over time they realized they could reach their full potential - both as individual musicians and as a band - by reaching outside the rock idiom.

With over a decade of performance experience each on their respective instruments and after two years of playing together, Euphonic has become a tightly-knit ensemble on stage. With songs varying in length, pace, and mood, they offer a unique musical experience.

In addition to their performance skills, all three members of Euphonic have studied music theory at the post-secondary level, which they apply in their songwriting.

They have played many shows in the Toronto and Hamilton areas, and continue to expand their reputation and audience.


Euphonic EP (2008)

Set List

Song 2
Song 9
Song 10
Song 4
Song 1

Song 6
Song 11
Leisurely Stroll
Song 3
Song 5 (Pet the Cat)

Our songs range from 2 to 15 minutes in length. We typically play two 45-minute sets.

We also play covers such as Paul Simon's "Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover" and a band arrangement of Steve Howe's "Clap".