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"A Brief History of the Future"

As a portrait of the future, Euphon’s latest release A Brief History of the Future is either woefully deficient or an interesting comment on the cyclical nature of art. Despite the buzzy noises in the production, a couple of short instrumental intros and interludes, and some unconventional rhymes, very little of the album feels futuristic. On the contrary, the duo of Slim and Mr. Fantastik sounds an awful lot like a pairing consisting of a down-to-earth Eminem and a less amiable Q-Tip, hearkening back to the sound and quick flow of ‘90s hip-hop. That said, Euphon is one of those finds where you can’t help but think that with just a little bit of cash backing, these cats would be blowing up radios worldwide. They’re delightfully bizarre, managing to work Optimus Prime, David Bowie, and Dr. Norton into one track ("Ghosts in a Machine") and lamenting the perils of underage flirts in another ("Fresh Fish"). Each track has its own identity, the rhymes are great, and you can spend 45 minutes with it without ever getting bored. The lo-fi feel of much of the production unfortunately belies the futurist intentions of the duo, but aside from that little quibble, A Brief History of the Future is a worthwhile release from a duo that deserves a shot at the big time. - PopMatters


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A Brief History of the Future (LP)
Euphonics Redefined (LP)
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Rock Wid Us (Single)
Euphonics (LP)



Euphon’s brand of music brings about classic Hip-Hop themes and ideals all with a contemporary
flair. Relying less on arrogance and more on conviction, assertiveness and a willingness to
showcase vulnerability, Mr. Fantastik’s flamboyant B-Boy delivery only complements Slim’s quiet
confidence. The Harlem, New York duo’s “Anti-Music Music” movement is one that states that a
corrupted system can only be change from within.

Euphon draws and provides inspiration from their rich blend of Hip-Hop, Jazz, Funk, and Soul
influences. Their balanced, no-gimmicks approach garnered the group respect from their peers in
New York’s underground Hip-Hop circuit, and led to a loyal following.

In 2002, Euphon landed a spot on MTV2’s Area 2 Tour with Moby, appearing on the singles
“Superbaby” and “Rock Wid Us” featuring producer/artist DougSimpson. Those triumphs
led to the duo being invited to perform at the Zulu Nation’s 30th and 31st Anniversary Celebrations
in 2003 and 2004 respectively. Described as a refreshing alternative to the cookie cutter
material being released commercially, Euphon’s first official release,
Euphonics (EP) was warmly received by critics and the public alike.
Euphon’s re-release of the project Euphonics: Redefined as a full LP was a true
testament to its fans and supporters, as well as those new to the Anti-Music Music movement.

The group resumes their movement with its full-length project, A Brief History of The Future,
which offers its listeners a much deeper look into the minds of the Hip-Hop duo.
Featuring all new guest artists, and for the first time, production outside of the Ironhorse Music camp.
Their music, triumphs, struggles and stories resonate with an understanding
of the responsibility bestowed upon them to carry on the legacy of Hip-Hop music.
Euphon is Hip-Hop’s alternative.

A Brief History of The Future is available now.
Free tracks can be downloaded at their official website,