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euphoric released their first LP Diaphanous in February 2005. They are currently in the studio recording their second full-length album Negative, Positive, and are planning to release it in April of 2007.


Feeling a bit camera shy


For as long as I can recall, having had the good fortune to enjoy euphoric for many years now, it has been very hard to classify. For a while, we simply stuck with ‘alternative rock’, because that seemed to be the closest fit. But as time went on, new songs were written and performed, and euphoric continued to grow - that genre classification just seemed ill-fitted for the band. Leif coined the phrase ‘dusk rock’ at one point, and the term - although slightly indescribable in itself - seems to give the listener and potential audience member a better feeling for euphoric and their music.
Leif and Chris found one another in 8th grade. Chris had just been introduced to the love of his life, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Leif had given him lyrics to a few of their songs. Their acquaintanceship dwindled and they lost one another over a few years, but they were reunited unexpectedly in their 10th grade english class when Chris spied a guitar pick around Leif’s neck and inquired as to whether Leif played (and if he was still interested in The Smashing Pumpkins...). Both statements proved true, and Chris admitted that he was now playing the drums. Their musical interests aligned and the boys joined with a friend, Kelly, and ventured out on a journey together that they named Uphoric. After a bit of debate, however, and the realization that spelling their name in that manner could open the door to unnecessary judgments from their potential audiences they decided to stick simply with Euphoric. Leif made magic with guitar and vocals, Chris created wonders with his drums, and Kelly excelled on the bass. Euphoric had a nice beginning. Being a local high school band made it relatively easy to secure shows with good audiences and fun participation - but after those years were up, real life came rushing in and it was a cool blast. Leif and Kelly began full-time college in Bellingham while Chris stayed down south, 80 miles away, in Edmonds. The boys began to design and record their very first full-length album, which would become known as Diaphanous. They recorded in the raw, never really having a real studio to sit down and pump out tracks. Euphoric recorded in living rooms, between makeshift sound walls, in Edmonds, in Bellingham, on the computer, all over the place. As pieced together as it could have sounded, Diaphanous was wonderful. It became very obvious that the boys knew what they were doing in terms of their instruments, music theory, sound engineering, and their craft. Diaphanous was clean and filled with all of the songs that had made Euphoric original and unique throughout the years. After a quiet release - life meandered along, and soon enough, Kelly found that other things in his life were taking priority over Euphoric. The trio split unevenly - Kelly going off on his own path, leaving Leif and Chris trying to keep their Euphoric afloat on their own. After a challenging few months being a duo and trying to perform music meant for four - Leif and Chris’ ads for a bassist were answered with a light from the clouds: Kellen Garnaas contacted Leif and showed up for practice one day to try things out. He was quick-to-learn and his style seemed to compliment Chris and Leif’s nicely. He was accepted and they began to perform together with ease. At that point Leif knew that having a second guitarist in the band would be a great relief for him. The ability to lay numerous guitar tracks into the songs on Diaphanous had been a beautiful example of how helpful and beneficial someone like that could be. A few months later, another light shone on Euphoric, and they met Gregory Lawrence. His skill was obvious from the start and he had that same divine uniqueness that Kellen had also possessed in that he sounded fantastic pairing his musical efforts with Euphoric. Time went on, and the boys had really found something of themselves. It had been almost six years since euphoric had originally started making music, and now here they were renewed, still stunning, and going strong. Over the years, euphoric has been closely followed (and adored) by three girls: Jessy M, Katherine, and Janna Rose. They stand by their convictions and see a beauty and light in euphoric that they have not experienced with any other band. There have been strange challenges and definite down-times, but euphoric has been a phoenix from the fire, surprising the world every time its fate seems too dire for it to continue. The boys are now working on recording their second full-length album, this time in more of a functional setting: at Murder Mountain Records. It seems that the future shall always hold secrets and surprises for euphoric, but the gift of music they wish to give is just too complex, too wonderful, and too magnificent to let it drown in the sea. euphoric is magic to those who wish to partake.