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"Euro P. Gold Presents: The Gold Rush"

"Euro P. Gold does it again with this new project...After listening to the lyrics to “How to be a Playa”, I clearly understand his ultimate goal – to get a buzz going for himself. And I’m glad to help him do that with my site. If he continues to put out projects like this one, Euro will easily fulfill his wish of garnering the world’s attention. Keep grindin, bro." - Cam, Fresh Cookies

"Euro P. Gold enters the scene"

"Rather than go the route of his peers and rap about “The Fast Life,” Euro goes pure art and raw hip hop, mixing elements of the 60s and 70s Black Power Movement, such musical influences as The Beatles, and the Hippie Movement, creating a sound he calls [Hippie Hop]...Every track I’ve been privileged to listen to, keeps me wanting more. It’s concise, the flow, coupled with the beats, are tight, and the overall package is amazing. When listening, Gold’s music reminds me of a young Guru [R.I.P.], Most Def, or Common." -

"Hills filled with Green & Streets Paved with Gold!"

"Euro P. Gold, rising hip-hop artist and Hampton University student, is forcing his way into the music industry with his smooth, but gritty flow, reminiscent of old school cats...There are no songs about the flashiness or gaudiness of the average, overrated rapper. He simply talks about all that encompasses the everyday life of an African-American college student: classes, women, sports, sex and drugs...Euro’s re-emergence is seemingly perfect as the music world is recapturing the essence of old school hip-hop through new artist" - Nicole:

"Gold Mine @ HU"

Gold Mine At HU

Hampton University is home to many talented, young artists who are trying to become the next big celebrity in the music industry. Flashing lights, expensive clothes, world tours, and number one selling albums are just a few of the things that Philadelphia native, William Drayton, better known as Euro P. Gold, is on his way to experiencing.

Gold is a freshman at Hampton University who is currently majoring in Public Relations. Hopefully one day being able to manage his own firm if things don’t work out with music.

The determined Public Relations major has been grinding toward his dream since the tender age of eleven.

When Philly was making its name in the music industry with artist like The Roots, Freeway, and Beanie Siegel, Gold was one of the few people who didn’t get to experience the hip-hop movement in the area.

“There was no BET allowed for the longest in my house,” Gold says, “I had to listen to what my mom and aunts were listening to.”

With his mom listening to chart toppers from the O’Jays, Lou Rawls, and other soulful sounds of the 1960s, Gold could do nothing but take the music that was readily accessible and create a sound of his own.

Drayton went through plenty of changes that evolved him into the artist that is Euro P. Gold. From the name change to Euro P Gold, to wittier punch lines and more focused on what the goal is in front.

The artist’s name is an inventive creation based on three people who have impacted his life in major ways.

Euro, the first part of the alias, was given to Gold by a deceased, childhood friend who always referred to him as such. “When Markie passed away I had to make this a part of my name” a serious Gold explains, “He was a big influence on me.”

The second part of the name was influenced by Huey P Newton, radical leader of the Black Panthers, whose ideas interested Gold. Some of those principles that Newton believed in even shows up in Gold’s more conscious raps.

Ari Gold from the HBO series Entourage is where the last part of the name came in. The name Gold ties the whole persona together. As Gold explains it his self the best “with all these names you get a rich intellectual who can be a pain at times.”

With a smile on his face, Gold explains his competitive spirit.

“It makes me hungrier to do my best when I have all this talent around me,” says the young rapper.

The person who knows him best lyrically can even agree with this. Producer/ friend Justin Bryant better known as TeKNiKZ describes Gold as “an author who puts all his songs together and makes it a story everyone can follow.”

Euro P. Gold is not your average rapper that you would see on the cover of vibe, on Black Entertainment Television, or even on the numerous blog sites. From his uphill path to eventual success to his unique pseudonym, Gold is the kind of rapper that does an excellent job of making a way for himself.

Even with stardom on the horizon Gold might be the most focused. While other are buying cars, watches and big chains he will keep it simple. “I’m going to hit every thrift store in all 50 states.

Even after missing out on rap music for nine years the fact that he was a recluse from music that others his age got to experience still has an impact on his art and his craft. - Tay Blogs: Just something Slight

"Look out for €uro P Gold"

I told ya'll a million times, Hampton U has talent!!! This fellow "Hamptonian" is no exception.. I've been a fan of his since I heard his track 'Concept of School" which talks about being black in college.. Def. true shit!! His name is Willam M. Dayton III, but his stage name is Euro P. Gold.. Interesting rap name huh?? He hails from chester,PA so he's def. represneting a place that doesn't have much mainstream sucess which means more shine for him..His rap style is basically him(very hip-hop) and what goes on in his life which I def. can respect and relate to in some ways. My favorite track to this day has to be "Half Baked" which is self-explanatory.. Look out for this man in the future & when he drops his Mixtape you know imma have it up for ya'll!! In the meantime you can check some of his music either on his MYSPACE, IMEEM or follow his progression on his BLOG. - Phly Outta Mind


The Day After Rehab (2009)
The Gold Rush (2010)



I go by the name Euro P. Gold, €uro P or Greenback to name a few. I’ve been called many other titles in my 20 years on this planet and €uro P. Gold fits me the best. I am the creator, originator and motivator of this new musical and social movement known as Hip /€/ Hop (pronounced hippie hop). €uro P Gold and Hip /€/ Hop represents the free spirit in music that was lost after the summer of love in 1969 combined with the sentiment and charisma of the b boys and b girls in the infancy of hip hop. In the early years, many emcees created out of this world costumes and rhyming styles that were unique to themselves. The art form of emceeing was more than a cassette, more than a rhyme…it was about individual expression. Just look @ footage of The Universal Zulu Nation or the Jungle Brother’s Crew and you can easily see how far this culture has fallen. Hip Hop used to be run by contractors and architects who created mood music using emceeing, turntables and spray cans…hip € hop is about self expression. I have no problems with people rapping about hustling on the block, living in poverty, jewelry, girls or whatever…what about me? I never carried a gun on a corner…I don’t like paying a cover charge let along popping bottles in the club…don’t wear platinum chains (although I do have a dope Africa leather PE style medallion)….I have, however, smashed out a few dimes (possibly your girl…but I mean you know the rules of the game…she chose me, but that’s another story for another time)…..I was born and raised in a small city outside of Philadelphia called Chester. I come from the middle class…I’m not ashamed of it…it made me who I am now as a rapper so I am thankful… honestly, I wasn’t even allowed to listen to anything associated with hip hop as a child. I was playing the piano before I could read. My Late Grandmother raised me on classical music and my Father forced me to practice music appreciation. From there I was introduced to artist like The Beatles, Isaac Hayes, Phil Collins, Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins, and Herbie Hancock… There was something about the Hip Hop culture that drew me to it like a fiend to a hustler….I remember late nights I used to watch BET with the volume down low…sneaking and hiding tapes into the house…some people hid bundles from the cops…I hid Midnight Marauders & Illmatic from my parents. To the disapproval of my parents the hip hop addict inside of me had a taste and it needed to be fed. All of these incidents in my youth get diffused throughout my music…creating the artist €uro P Gold and my social movement: hip € hop…hip /€/ hop is made from my life experiences; I hope that it creates a sense of mood music....
....€uro P Gold is a relic created by art, avarice (look it up) and the harsh realities of life…delivered with a smile…I am the prize inside of every box of Dutch Masters….
Live with Love.....Grow With Gold!