New York City, New York, USA
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eüsh creates baroque-pop, experimental-rock, alt-country, mysterious-sea-shanty's. eüsh combine classic song writing with more experimental sound aesthetics. Blended with a deep respect for the abstract. Wrapped in a pop song. Meditative vocals melt into nebulous harmonies and undulating rhythms evoking the warm, primitive colours of dusk...


Originating in 2007, eüsh was the solo project of Sean van Doornum, a composition student at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. In the early years, the band appeared in various incarnations as the music developed, with a large pool of musicians coming in and out of the band. The band performed and recorded sporadically but it wasn't until 2010 that eüsh recorded their first album ‘Tree’ at 301 Studios in Sydney with acclaimed producer/engineer Daniel Denholm. This was a rather ambitious recording with dense orchestration which was met with positive response from music sites such as Music Feeds and the album also landed them LA-based Musiczeitgeist’s ‘Indie Artist Of The Month’. 

In 2012 Sean relocated to New York City where he put together an 8-piece version of eüsh that would go on to perform at renowned NYC venues such as Joe's Pub, Pianos, Bowery Electric, Rockwood Music Hall and Spike Hill. 
The EP 'Blue Shadow', released September 2014, was partially recorded in Sydney and in New York at Atlantic Sound Studios, where Sean also worked as an engineer, producer and mix engineer. In April 2015 eüsh released the single, 'I Shake', which was composed, performed, recorded and mixed by Sean, at Atlantic Sound Studios. 

Upon returning to Australia, Sean reconnected with past collaborators James Waples, Nick Hoorweg and Lachlan Colquhoun, to record ‘New Light’ over a period of a few months at the end of 2015 and early 2016. With some more obvious country and folk influences shining through, the overall aesthetic of the bands sound became more refined. Bringing together musicians and friends who have worked together over the past decade, ‘New Light’ sought to turn a corner in the way the band developed and delivered its music. Originally premiered by Tone Deaf, ‘New Light’ was finally released on the evening of a New Moon in Capricorn on December 29th, 2016. 

Since early 2016 the band has congealed into the more crystallised incarnation of Sean van Doornum - Guitar and Voice, James Waples - Drums, Joel Burton - Bass and Lachlan Colquhoun - Guitar. The past 12 months have seen eüsh busy promoting and performing the music of their most recent album 'New Light' with regular gigs in Sydney and two tours up and down the east coast, with airtime and performances on 4ZZZ, EastSide FM, FBi, 2SER and JJJ Unearthed.


Somewhere Between

Written By: Seán van Doornum

The Green Sound.
One Small Sail.
Toward the Sea.
Somewhere Between

The rise and fall of it.
The cymbals song of it.
Somewhere Between

The circle complete.
It's always summer.
Somewhere Between

We burn seperately,
And together.
Somewhere Between

April Birds

Written By: Seán van Doornum

Held back
In the deep black
Of a midday Monday.
Surrounded by wolves.

Steal the cardboard sky.
By cut out magicians.
Through superstition.

Buy your way to the
April Birds.

Naked Grey

Written By: Seán van Doornum

Saw it
In the corner of my eye.
A blue flash
On the screen.
It’s so beautiful
When things lie.
Pretending to be
Another object.
My faith in contact
One glance at a time.
Reveal the majesty of falsehood.
A bright betrayal
Luminous above me.

Spreads its revered wings.
The vengeance of this figure
Neglects its obeisance.
Our souls above
Pass down silence.
Warm, tasteless, viscous truth.
A bright betrayal
Luminous above us.

And the calculator is calling.
It wants to be our ally.
A union of pale
Bloodless need
And the calculator is calling.
And the calculator is calling.
And the calculator is calling.


TREE - Released January 1st, 2011
Written by Sen van Doornum 
Engineered by Daniel Denholm