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Tokyo, Tōkyō, Japan | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE

Tokyo, Tōkyō, Japan | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2010
Solo Jazz Acoustic




"Nippon Broadcasting System"

live on Cafe Dejeuner, Nippon Broadcasting System / Dec 2014 -

"Kochime Magazine Dec Issue"

on Kochime Magazine Dec Issue 2014 -

"Yokohama Wedding Story"

Performed on Yokohama Wedding Story Nov 2014 -

"FM Nack5"

Performed on monaka, FM Nack5 Oct 2014 -


Live performance of Eyes in the Sea is aired on StageAce, NHK Global Media Service. Dec 2013 - NHK Global Media Service

"FM Setagaya"

It's Just That from the second album, LIBERTY, is aired on FM Setagaya every Monday to Thursday from 23:45 August 2013 and Eva Aine is featured as the Future Big Artist. - FM Setagaya

"FM Salus"

radio interview and feature -

"Radio NIKKEI"

Co-hosted a music program Dec 2013-Mar 2014 -


selected as one of the best indies artists on Music Hyper Market, J-WAVE -

"'Round Indie Music"

Round Magazine / Eva Aine: Behind the scene of "I AM FLYING" - 'Round Magazine

"Artist Talk "Global Voice" Eva Aine"

Eva Aine is on the cover of Oops Magazine in Vancouver, Canada.
She talks about her early experiences, difference between songwriting and singing, her latest album, LIBERTY, and her long-term project.
You can read the article on pages 18-19. - Oops Magazine


Bi Daily Sun New York, the largest Japanese paper in New York, ran an article about EVA AINE and her latest album, LIBERTY. - Bi Daily Sun New York

"Eva on Investors' TV"

Eva appears from 07:15. - U-stream

"Artist Interview"

Artist Interview (JPN) - getstage

"The Global Conference For a Nuclear Free World - U-stream"

Performed at The Global Conference For a Nuclear Free World 2012 - IWJ - Kanagawa

""Surprise Proposal""

Eva Aine became an official artist of "Surprise Proposal" Aug 2014 -

"Tokyo After 6 - guest"

Talked and performed on Tokyo After 6, Nippon Broadcasting System. - Nippon Broadcasting System


Talked and performed on ONCE, a radio show in Japan. - JFN Radio

"Artist Interview"

Eva Aine is a soul songstress from Seattle, Washington... - Songrevelation

"Eva Aine"

Bits, the largest Japanese paper in Toronto, ran an article about Eva Aine. She was also selected as its cover girl. - Bits

"Hangout Corporation Club Enforcer Podcast"

Y’all ready to ball? All stars November 2011 MegaMix featuring Beadz, HoodGoodGoodie, Jay Z, Will Vill, Kanye, Lil Weezy, Dreezy, DJnumone, Tee Munny, Eva Aine, Charmaine, Avicci and more! Go ahead, give thanks and enjoy! Leggo! Brought to you by HangoutSpace|Listen, share and relax among friends - Hangout Corporation

"Interview: Eva Aine"

Interview: Eva Aine - Top Music.jp

"Eva Aine_My Way To Happiness"

Eva Aine became a cover girl of the bits magazine, the top selling Japanese free paper in Toronto, ON. - bits magazine

"Freedom 2011 Worldwide Podcast"

Freedom 2011 Worldwide Podcast - Club Podcast

"Eva Aine, My Way To Happiness"

First thing I notice from this young lady is how powerful her voice is. Eva Aine’s singing ability is absolutely superb and ‘My Way To Happiness’ shows off her flawless vocals brilliantly. This woman can SING with the best of them out there and hold her own quite well.
Eva Aine is a singer/songwriter that was raised in Japan and Seattle. Just like the late, great Selena crossed major cultural barriers, Eva is doing the same exact thing here with her debut release. From the Far East to the U.S. Aine is ready to take the world by storm!
Eva’s style incorporates some jazz, R&B and soul and what a performance she puts on. Aine sang all vocals on the record while TK handled the instrumentation. Both artists came together in stellar fashion to produce this wonderful piece of work. The arrangements were very well done as Eva & TK give you 100% professionalism by hitting all the high points musically, vocally & artistically.
There are a nice mix of songs on this new album where you hear English and even some Japanese. The international appeal is evident but Eva makes it all work universally. The disc opens with a smooth, easy-going feel on “Heading To NY” while tracks 4 & 5 offer up a more elegant approach. On installment five “Magic”, magic was definitely in the air because Eva sang softly however it still came across as extraordinarily powerful. You can even hear her classical training coming through nicely on this song. On the title track Eva is just havin’ fun as you really sense her happiness shining through. It really sounds like she’s got a lot to be happy & thankful for on “My Way To Happiness”. Aine ends on a spiritual note with “The Lord’s Prayer” where she is really digging deep inside herself here.
One of the things I enjoyed most about this record was how much soul Eva pumped out to the audience. Aine is singin’ loud & proud as you can really feel her genuine touch coming across. The one aspect that just blew me out of the water though was the voice. Eva displayed excellent control and one incredible vocal range to go along with a pitch-perfect sound.
I have to say it would have been cool to see Eva really let loose and bring a couple more uptempo numbers to the table. Also, it would have been very interesting to have one full album in English and another in Japanese. Eva Aine has got major skills vocally and she’s not afraid to show it. ‘My Way To Happiness’ is a singer’s delight and the record will leave you feeling more than satisfied. Aine is the total package so be on the lookout for this new sensation.
By Jimmy Rae (jrae@skopemag.com) - Skope Entertainment Inc. (SEI)


Singer and songwriter Eva Aine was born in Seattle and raised both there and in Japan. Her musical gifts began developing in high school where she studied classical voice and then Southern Japanese tradtional music. With a five octave range and looking like a classic beauty, Eva is making her mark across the continents.
Q. Tell me about your childhood, when you went to Japan to live and who your biggest musical influences were?
A. I came to Japan when I was about to turn five years old. I was only speaking English, so, according to my mother, I was so confused at first but eventually I started to learn Japanese and got used to Japanese culture. Now both the USA and Japan are my home countries.
I was raised in a rather academic family so I wasn’t listening to music much. To name one artist who influenced me during my childhood, it was Michael Jackson because he was everywhere and everyone around me and I was into him at that time in the States and Japan.
Nowadays, I am influenced by many other artists including Beyonce. I have learned from them how a professional artist should be, act, train him/herself, etc. They have been always doing their best and making every effort to be better artists and I would like to do the same. Also, Lena Maria, a Swedish Gospel singer, influenced me. I had a chance to see her performance at my high school and so moved that I decided to receive classical vocal lessons which were my first experience to train myself professionally as a singer.

Q. When did you discover you had a five octave vocal range?
A. Just recently. I had thought that I had four octave vocal range for a long time. But one day, when I was writing a dance tune called, Don’t You Stop Making That Groove, I found myself singing a note which I could not have sung before. It was a totally new experience and I discovered that I have five octave vocal range.
Q. How do you classify your style of music?
A. I classify my style of music as Soul. I create my music crossing over boundaries of different genres of music such as classical music, Jazz, hip hop, dance, R&B, Rock, Blues and traditional music. So, it is not easy to classify my music in one category but since I create and perform it from my soul, I would say Soul.
Q. What Japanese influence do you see in your music?
A. I incorporate Southern Japanese traditional vocal style in some of my songs. I have written a few of my songs in Japanese because I wanted to express something soft and sensitive. Japanese has is its unique soft and beautiful accent.
Also, not limited to Japanese style, but, because of my multicultural background, I like creating music mixing and adapting everything I think good like a melting pot. I don’t want to be bound by any one music style but incorporate good things.

Q. I would like to hear about the contests you have entered and won and how the internet has influenced your success?
A. I won the 1st prize in a singing contest held by Myspace Karaoke, Japan, in June, 2010. I also won the 2nd prize in the Alicia Keys singing contest held by Myspace Karaoke, Japan 2010. I was selected as a finalist for my song, My Way To Happiness, at the 2010 Show Me The Music Contest. My new song, You Better Be Careful, was chosen as the Song Of The Day of FM102X.

The internet is influencing my musical career in so many ways. I can reach to my fan all over the world wherever I am. It is a great tool for an indie artist like me. My songs are aired on many radio stations and included in many podcasts, mixtape and complilation CDs, and I am being able to perform at many places in the world. It is all because I have been able to apply to their auditions through internet especially using Sonicbids. So I am really grateful for the internet and for people to find and accept me through the internet.
Q. Tell me about your CD’s and any new projects you have. Also, about your upcoming visits to Memphis, Penn. and Ontario?
A. My first album CD, My Way To Happiness, was released last Autumn. It has rock, R&B, pop, blues, world and classical taste. It’s been sold through Amazon, iTunes etc, digitally and physically.
My new single, You Better Be Careful, is now in stores as well. It’s a strong dance tune. It’s sold through Amazon, iTunes and CDbaby digtally.
My song, Yes, U Are Worth The Best, in included in Empire State Mixtape Vol.3, which is now downloadable for free:
The song will be also included in a digital compilation CD of Under The Radar Magazine Spring issue 2011.
My new song, Thank You, Lord, will be included in a compilation CD which will be released from ACM Records.
I performed at the official showcase of the 23rd Annual Folk Alliance International Conference in Memphis at on February 17 (8:30pm, Show Room Knoxville, Memphis Downtown Marriot) and at the 15th Annual Millennium Music Conference in Harrisburg on February 19 (10:15pm, Carley’s Ristorante). I will also perform at the Canadian Music Fest 2011 - Skope Entertainment Inc. (SEI)

"Featured article"

Born in the city of Seattle and raised in Yokohama, Japan, Eva Aine draws on her blended cultural identity to reach people the world over through music. As Aine prepares to break out in the US next month, performing at the International Folk Alliance Conference in Memphis, Tennessee, the polyglot and erstwhile gospel chorister illustrates how culture and language have enriched her musical expression and allowed her to slip comfortably between genres and settings.
“You were born in Seattle and raised there and in Yokohama. How has your international background influenced the kind of music you create?”
“It influences me and my music in every way. I lived in Yokohama for more than 10 years. I am now based in Tokyo. Basically, I identify myself and feel that both the US and Japan are my home countries and both English and Japanese are my mother languages. But at the same time, I have been treated as someone unique from others since my childhood. So, that uniqueness became one of my identities as well. That is why I’m not afraid of accepting and doing something different if I think it’s good and comfortable for me. Therefore, I like putting different genres of music into my music because that’s how I've lived, mixing and adopting anything that’s good, like a melting pot.”
“You’re multilingual as well. Does your musical expression differ depending on what language you’re singing in?”
“I speak English, Japanese and a bit of Thai and Spanish. In Japanese, I often express sensitivity, purity, something vague or delicate, such as the beauty of seasons. In English I often express strength, independence, something more clear and straightforward.”
“How would you describe your music?”
“I would describe it as music that crosses over boundaries of different genres -- classical music, jazz, soul, hip-hop, dance, R&B, rock, blues and traditional music.”
“Your first album, which you released last year, includes many themes of strength and beauty, as well as nature. What inspires you artistically?”
“Everything around me inspires me. A little chat, nature, sounds of the city, movies, books, places I travel, beautiful and strong people who work hard or who follow their dreams no matter what, even sadness or anger. The title of the album is the title of one of the songs in it, which I wrote to celebrate our power to be happy. You can choose to be happy whatever the circumstances and you should not let anyone or anything take away your happiness or your dreams. It took about three months to record it, and I enjoyed every second of them. I co-produced the album with TK, who performed all the instruments for the album.”
“You studied southern Japanese traditional music at university. Do you use traditional instruments in creating your music?”
“I play a little bit of sanshin, which is a southern Japanese traditional instrument. In the future, I might collaborate with a sanshin performer and have him or her play some melodies in my songs. Also, I use a little bit of Middle Eastern style in my song Yes, U Are Worth The Best. It is fascinating to create music mixing different traditional musical styles, so I am always interested and I might do more it in the future. I assume that truly good music has a common essence of sound all over the world.”
“Well, you were a member of the Japanese gospel group the SAfro Family for a while. How did you get into performing gospel music?”
“I graduated from a Christian high school and even though I'm not baptized, Christianity is an important part of me. When I entered my university, I saw a performance of the SAfro Family, a gospel and soul music group and thought that I wanted to sing gospel, which became my first experience singing non-classical music. I always want to explore new music. I'm recently working on dance tunes and funk.”
“You were selected to be one of the showcase artists at the International Folk Alliance Conference in Memphis next month. What will you be performing”?
“I'll be performing many of the songs included in my first album and some new songs. I will probably tour around the States in February, including at the 15th Annual Millennium Conference and Showcase [in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania].” - Kemet Music Radio.com

"Junior's Cave Music Interview with Eva Aine"

and heart that music lovers will enjoy this Singer/Songwriter’s five-octave vocal range that she displays throughout her music. In this spotlight with the songstress, our online publication discovers the magic of Eva Aine. Enjoy!

Isaac: It’s an amazing time to be a DIY artist/performer/band/musician. What do you enjoy the most about being an indie performer?

Eva: As an indie artist, it is amazing that I can make my music public once I create it and reach to my fans whenever I want. Also, I enjoy creating my brand as an artist in every way. I need to work on my own marketing and promotion by myself and to believe in myself to perform and aim for a higher vision. It makes me so strong and realizes so much support and love from my fans.

Isaac: If you had an opportunity to sign with a major label, would you sign now knowing you may have to give up some of what you have build up over the years about you in the process?

Eva: Yes, I would, because I want to reach to as many people as possible and I want to take all chances to go to next level. If I sign with a major label, I might loose some flexibility to release my music. However, considering the benefits including but not limited to increase in exposure, brand creation, stage design, etc, I am happy and always ready to sign with a major label.

Isaac: I remembered Simon Cowell from American Idol talking about the “it” Factor that makes a musician/band stand out. What do you think is your “it” factor that makes you stand out from others in the music business?

Eva: My "it" factor is that I have five-octave vocal range which will enable me to express various styles of music ranging from quiet ballad to dance tunes and that I have multicultural background (I was born in Seattle, WA, and raised in Seattle and in Japan) which makes my music more boundless, diverse and unique.

Isaac: Why should music fans listen to your music? Describe what they are going to get when they listen to your music?

Eva: My music will encourage you, strengthen you, ease you, touch your heart, make you bold, make you honest, and make you filled with love. Every time I perform, I receive many beautiful comments or letters from my fans that they are encouraged, strengthened, moved, decided to live their dreams, started their morning with self-esteem and love to others. It is always really amazing to receive such warm comments from my fans and I feel that this is why I create my music and deliver it to my fans.

Isaac: Briefly describe your humble beginnings that led you to where you are at musically now.

Eva: I've always loved listening to music and singing songs but I had no idea that I could follow my love to music to make it as my career. But one day I had a chance to see Lena Maria singing at my high school and so moved. At the same time, my music teacher and opera singer at my high school had been repeatedly inviting me to sing. Thanks to the devoted teacher and those musicians who inspired me, I decided to receive classical vocal lessons which were my first experience to professionally train myself as a singer.

Isaac: You have some strong iconic influences. Of these influences, which artist/band do you relate to the most and why?

Eva: I have been influenced by so many artists. Michael Jackson and Beyonce have influenced me the most. I have learned from them how a professional artist should be, act, train him/herself, etc. They have been always doing their best and make every effort to be better artists and I would like to do the same.

Isaac: Do you feel that Indie music gets the respect it deserves? Why or why not?

Eva: I do receive much support from my fans and radio stations and magazines like you. And, I am always thankful for them for trusting my music. However, I am not satisfied with my current situation because I feel that I can deliver my music to more people who might enjoy my music. That is why I want to have a major record deal and want my music to be promoted and distributed more widely.

Isaac: If you could change one thing about the music business, what would it be and why?

Eva: If possible, I hope every indie artist can have opportunities to deliver his/her music worldwide without spending huge amount of promotional cost. As we have Micro Finance system to support small business in the emerging countries, I think we can develop the same kind of scheme to help indie artists in the world. I think it would be really great if we can share good music globally regardless of the size of the labels.

Isaac: What type of feedbacks have you been receiving about your music from fans and music critics?

Eva: I received a review from Mr. Keitaro Kamo, Chief Producer of EMI Music Japan, "You are excellent." after he listened to my song, Magic, which is included in my first album. Also, I was chosen as one of the finalists for my song, My Way To Happiness, at the 2010 Show Me The Music Contest.

And, I have been - Junior's Cave Online Magazine

"Leading Artists"

Genre: Singer/Songwriter
Secondary Genre: Soul
Instrument: Vocals - Full Ride Scholarship

"Eva Aine Live Flyer @ CMF 2011"

Japanese Musicians performing at Canadian Music Weeek
Eva Aine, White White Sisters and The Zoobombs - Japan Foundation

"Event Report: Millennium Music Conference (MMC 15)"

featured on Top Music jp - Top Music jp

"international-hiphop.com: Eva Aine"

Eva Aine is a singer, songwriter and artist, having a five octave vocal range and diverse vocal skills, which enable her to show many expressions from strength to elegance. Eva was born in Seattle, WA, and raised in Seattle and in Japan. Her international background makes her music more boundless and unique.

Eva studied vocal and songwriting at the Berklee College of Music 2009-2010. She developed her core music skills during her high school years, where she received classical voice lessons. She also studied Southern Japanese traditional music, taking lessons for two years. Based on these studying experiences, she improved her own singing style.

Her 1st album “My Way To Happiness” was released in September of 2010, including the smash hits “Heading To NY”, “My Way To Happiness”, and “How Could You Go”. Her songs have been featured on various radio stations worldwide including the award-winning internet station, INDIE104-iRADIO LA, Atlanta Movement Radio, and Local MusiCafe etc. Podcasts that have featured her singles are none other than DigiVegas Indie Podcast, Radio Crystal Blue and Hangout Corporation.

She was chosen as one of the finalists for “My Way To Happiness” at the 2010 Show Me The Music Contest.

Eva Aine is and will be also featured in several following magazines:
G3 Magazine, Skope Magazine, Junior’s Cave Online Magazine, and Kemet Music Radio.

Her new song, “Yes, U Are Worth The Best” is included in the world famous mix tape “Empire State Vol.3” hosted by Violator Europe & Slip N Slide Internationals DJ METINO and OXYGEN’s Bad Girls Club MIAMI’s ERICA. The mixtape is available for free via the iPhone application. The song is also included in a digital compilation album of Under The Radar Magazine.

Her new song, You Better Be Careful, was chosen as the Song Of The Day of FM102X.

Eva will work with ACM Record to be featured in its compilation CD. Her new song, “Thank You, Lord”, will be included therein soon.

Eva was selected to perform at the Official Showcase of the 23rd Annual Folk Alliance International Conference in Memphis and at the 15th Annual Millennium Music Conference and Showcase in Harrisburg in Feb 2011 and at the Canadian Music Fest 2011 in Toronto, Canada in March 2011.

She joined SAfro FAmily, an African American music group of Sophia University in 2000 and performed in many public shows including National TV shows.

Eva won the 1st prize in the singing contest held by the Myspace Karaoke, Japan, in June, 2010.

Eva Aine’s 1st album “My Way To Happiness” was released on September 7, 2010 through major CD stores in Japan and through Amazon and iTunes store worldwide. This album consists of seven original songs and one cover song including a variety of songs from R&B, Rock, World, Jazz, Classical, Traditional song etc.

@EvaAine on Twitter
Eva Aine on MySpace
Eva Aine on Facebook
Eva Aine on YouTube
Stay tuned for Eva Aine, soon to be released on the Global Attack MixTape Series. - international-hiphop.com

"finalist at the Show Me The Music Contest 2010"

Eva Aine was selected as one of the finalists for "My Way To Happiness"at the Show Me The Music Contest 2010. - Show Me The Music Contest

"Interview at Streetz radio "Whateva Wednesdays" hosted by Tazzy"

radio interview - Streetz Radio

"Radio Crystal Blue Podcast on 28th Nov 2010"

"Heading to NY" was aired in the podcast. - Radio Crystal Blue

"Today's featured artist"

featured on J-WAVE - J-wave (one of the most famous radio stations in Japan)

"Interview : Eva Aine"

L'un des slogans de Kochipan est "le partage des cultures". Eva Aine est sans doute une artiste qui comprends le mieux ce genre de concept. Elle vit en permanence entre deux cultures : Américaine et Japonaise. Un savoureux mélange qu'elle transmet à travers sa musique aux influences Soul et R&B. Son premier album "My way to happiness" annonce la couleur et une volonté de partager au plus grand nombre sa joie de vivre et de partage.

Comment avez vous décidé de démarrer une carrière musicale ?

J'ai toujours aimé chanter et écouter de la musique. Et heureusement les gens autour de moi m'ont donné de nombreuses opportunités pour chanter. Mais je n'étais pas sûre si je voulais devenir une chanteuse professionnelle au tout début.
La raison qui m'a poussée à devenir une chanteuse professionnelle est que je souhaitais avancer en étant moi-même et que je sois vraie pour moi-même, peu important ce que les autres pouvaient dire ou ce qu'il pouvait arriver. Je suppose que d'une certaine façon j'ai toujours su ce rêve. Tout ce que j'avais à faire c'est qu'il se réalise.

Y-a-t-il des artistes qui ont eu une influence particulière sur vous ?

Oui beaucoup. Mais je peux en nommer quelques uns parmi eux.
Tout d'abord Michael Jackson. Quand je vivais aux Etats-Unis, ses chansons étaient des hits. Commme beaucoup de gens le pensent, lui et sa musique sont magiques. J'admire profondément le fait qu'il visait toujours le meilleur. J'ai toujours de la peine comme d'autres fans qu'il soit mort , mais tout ce que je peux faire c'est suivre mes rêves, en me rémomérant toutes les choses que j'ai appris de lui et de sa musique.
Beyonce. J'admire vraiment sa façon de travailler, ses représentations, son humilité, sa technique vocale et ses efforts sans fin. Chaque fois que je vais à ses concerts ou que je regarde ses incroyables représentations à la TV ou internet je ne peux détacher mes yeux de la scène ou de l'écran.
Rimi Natsukawa, une chanteuse japonaise du sud du Japon. J'aime sa voix chaleureuse et sa façon unique de chanter. J'ai commencé à étudier la musique du sud du Japon sous son influence. Je pense que c'est incroyable qu'elle respecte sa culture d'origine et qu'elle soit toujours capable de délivrer un musique dans sa façon simple de chanter.

Tchaikovsky, Georges Bizet, Maria Callas, Edith Piaf et beaucoup d'autres. Je suis émue et revigorée par leur musique. C'est incroyable que toutes ces belles musiques aient été appréciées et aient pu émouvoir tellment de personnes à travers le monde pendant tant d'année.
J'aime également Kenji Miyazawa un auteur japonais (1896-1933) qui a écrit Gingatetsudo-no-Yoru (Le Train de nuit dans la Voie lacté (translated by my friend)). Il croyait et continuait en ce qu'il aimait jusqu'à sa mort et de nos jours sa façon de vivre et ses nouvelles amènent beuacoup de joie et d'inspiration à de nombreuses personnes dont moi. J'aime ses perspectives uniques et ses idées.

Saint-Exupéry. Le Petit Prince est un de mes livres préférés. J'aime Vol de Nuit et Terre des Hommes également. Je fus inspirée par ses écrits qui sont si beaux et remplis d'amour. Il y a un respect de chaque vie qui existe sur terre et montrer la primauté de la nature et de l'univers.

En fait il n'y aucune limite d'artistes, à chaque fois que je vois quelqu'un faire des efforts pour créer ou faire des choses dans lesquelles il/elle croit, prendre des riques, cela m'inspire. Par exemple, ma mère, qui était une interprète Français-Japonais avant son mariage et qui est allée à l'université aux Etats-Unis et qui est devenue une interprète Anglais-Japonais. Elle travaille encore de manière energique, même si être une femme pensant à sa carrière est quelque chose de très inhabituelle au Japon. Elle n'a jamais abandonné à croire en elle-même, peu importe le reste.

Vous avez grandi aux Etats-Unis et au Japon. Que vous ont apporté ces deux cultures dans votre travail et votre sensibilité ?

A la base, je ressens le fait qu'à la fois les Etats-Unis et le Japon sont mes pays et que l'Anglais et le Japonais sont mes langues maternelles. Je pense donc que je créé des chansons en tant que personne parlant à la fois l'Anglais et le Japonais et en apportant et mélangeant les deux cultures. Mais dans le même temps je fus traitée comme quelqu'un d'unique par les autres depuis mon enfance ayant une différente couleur de peau et également d'autres racines. Ce côté unique est devenu une de mes identités et je n'ai pas peur d'accepter et faire des choses différentes si je pense que c'est bien et confortable pour moi. C'est ainsi que j'aime mettre différents styles musicaux dans ma musique car c'est ainsi que je vis, que je mélange et que j'adopte chaque chose qui est bonne :D

Comment décririez vous votre univers musical ?

Je décrirai mon univers musical comme un monde qui traverse les frontières de différents genres musicaux comme la musique classique, le Jazz, la Soul, le Hip Hop, le R&B, le Rock, le blues et la - Kochipan.Org


Skope: What made you want to be featured on A2W?
Eva Aine: I wanted to make good use of technology, thanks to the development of the internet, and opportunities!

My dream is to be a worldwide professional singer one day. Currently, I am living in Tokyo, Japan, but I wish to send out my music to as many people as possible worldwide. I believe that A2W is one of the great opportunities, so I applied for it. And, I am so grateful right now to be featured on it.

Skope: Will you be putting out any holiday music this year?
Eva Aine: I wrote a hymn tune called “Thank You, Lord” and recorded it last week. I uploaded it to my Myspace website, so please visit and listen to it. And, I am planning to sing Christmas songs at my concerts, so hopefully I will upload some of those movies through YouTube/Sonicbids.

Skope: How much emphasis do you put into not only playing but promoting & marketing your music?
Eva Aine: I put a lot of emphasis on promoting & marketing my music. My dream is to be a professional singer, so I want to take every single chance that might increase my exposure.

Skope: What inspires you to write new music and when was the last time?
Eva Aine: Yesterday! I am inspired to write new lyrics or music all the time by everything: a little chat with others; everything I see/hear including the nature, sound in the city, good music, movies, books, new places I travel; beautiful and strong people who work hard, or who follow their dreams no matter what; and even sad feelings or anger. They all lead me to write a song.

Skope: What song or album by another band/musician that changed you & how you see your own music?
Eva Aine: Off the Wall (Album) by Michael Jackson: I grew up with his music as many did. I’m totally into his magic.

Hymns by Lena Maria: I saw her singing hymns when she performed at my high school and was so moved that I decided to take classical voice lesson from my devoted music teacher.

Dangerously in Love by Beyonce: I saw her Grammy performance and was stunned. It definitively changed me to really put my every effort to my music. I truly admire her way of working, performing, being humble, her vocal techniques and endless efforts.

Okinawa no Kaze (Wind of Okinawa) by Rimi Natsukawa (Japanese Singer from Okinawa): I started studying Southern Japanese music under her influence.

I see my music as music that crosses over boundaries of different genres of music such as classical music, jazz, soul, hip hop, R&B, rock, blues and traditional music. Because I grew up in two countries, the US and Japan, I have lived, mixing and adopting anything that’s good. That is my way of living. So, I like mixing different genres of music like a “melting pot” when creating my own music.

Skope: What is coming up for you and where can readers learn more about you?
Eva Aine: My song “Yes, U Are Worth The Best” will be featured in the Empire State Mixtape Vol.3 this December – http://empirestatemixtapes.com/
It will also be included in the Women of this World, a compilation CD, which will also be released by DNB Production this December.
My songs are aired on the several internet radio stations including INDIE104-iRadio LA, Midnight Special Blues Radio, Local MusiCafe, ATLANTA MOVEMENT RADIO, Neon Productions Radio and Radio Crystal Blue.
I am scheduled to be featured in Digivegas indie podcast Vol.174.
I am also scheduled to be interviewed by Streetz Radio and Royalty Magazine.
I am performing in Tokyo regularly. And, I hope to perform in the US and other countries in the near future.

My album “My Way To Happiness” is available through the iTunes store.

Please check my updates through Twitter, which I just started, and myspace.

Thank you very much for reading this article. It would be wonderful if any of you find this or my music to be interesting. Wishing you all the best! Last but not least, thank you very much to the Skope Magazine and Sonicbids for this wonderful opportunity. - Skope Entertainment Inc. (SEI)

"Octopod II 2010"

Featuring Kjae, Eva Aine from Japan, Dress Code, Decktronic, TI featuring Ricky Rozay, Big Koast, ei8th, AON, Mix Culture, DJ 1ph, Faith Evans and more! - Club Podcast

"Octopod II 2010"

Featuring Kjae, Eva Aine from Japan, Dress Code, Decktronic, TI featuring Ricky Rozay, Big Koast, ei8th, AON, Mix Culture, DJ 1ph, Faith Evans and more! - HangoutSpace



Eva Aine/singer and songwriter

Place of Birth: Bellevue WA US / raised in WA, US and Yokohama, Japan / now based in Tokyo, Japan

Genre: Acoustic Soul, Jazz, Singer and songwriter

Her songs have been selected in the Empire State Mixtapes and several compilations. Featured in G3 Magazine, Round Magazine, etc.
Hot Indie Artist on J-WAVE, one of the major radios in Japan / Finalist of the 13th Annual Great American Song Contest / Performed at the Canadian Music Fest, etc.
Third album "Eva Aine" was released on Oct 22nd 2014.

Features & Awards:

*The 13th Great American Song Contest/Adult Contemporary/finalist for "It's Just That"
*J-WAVE Music Hyper Market Featured Indie Artist 2012.11~2015 http://ongaku.fm/recommend/evaaine/
*FM102X Song Of The Day "I'm Getting Hot"
*FM102X Song Of The Day "You Better Be Careful"
*Women of This World "Yes, U Are Worth The Best"
*"My Way To Happiness" included in the official album of Millennium Music Conference
*Show Me The Music Contest/finalist "My Way To Happiness"


*FM Nack5
*FM Setagaya, featured artist
*co-hosted a music program on Radio NIKKEI 2012.12~2013.3
*FM Setagaya, La Dolce Vita Cindy Suzuki
*Nippon broadcasting system, Suono Dolce, Cafe Dejeuner
*JFN, Once
*J-Wave Hello World
*Empire State Radio
*Women Of Substance Radio

*G3 Magazine
*Skope Magazine
*Bits Magazine, Toronto
*Oops! Magazine, Vancouver
*Bi-Daily SUN New York


*3rd album "Eva Aine" 2014.10
*2nd album "LIBERTY" 2012.9
*single "I'm Getting Hot" 2011.7
*"You Better Be Careful" was included in the Empire State Mixtape Vol.5
*single"Ikiteirukara"('Cause We're Alive) 2011.6
*"Thank You, Lord" was included in Female Revolution, a compilation album, from ACM Records
*"Yes, U Are Worth The Best" was included in the Empire State Mixtape Vol.3
*single "You Better Be Careful" 2010.12
*1st album "My Way To Happiness" 2010.9

Events, music festivals, live:

*vocal x tap tap x vocal vol.1 2015.3
*Eva Aine Solo Live at JZ Brad SOUND OF TOKYO 2014.11
*Asagaya Jazz Street 2014.10
*Shibuya LOOP 2014.8
*Sophia University seminar 2014.3
*[Nyte Game] presented by Ditty Bopper(in collaboration with yoshiko(tap) and Ditty Bopper(funk dance and music unit)) 2013.12
*Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku 2013.12
*TOKYO BOOT UP! 2013.11
*Groovin'!! vol.1(in collaboration with yoshiko(tap)) 2013.10
*Solo Live(sponsored by TV Kanagawa) 2013.6
(collaborated with Daisuke, tap dancers, Shoko Taniguchi, yoshiko and Taka, and Miilani Cooper, kumu hula.)
*Shimoda View Hotel 2013.5
*Asagaya Jazz Street 2012.10
*Tamagawa Takashimaya S.C(Setagaya FM live recording) 2012.9
*Okirai Summer2012xLIGHT UP NIPPON, Ofunato, Iwate Prefecture 2012.8
*Furano, Hokkaido 2012.7
*LIGHT UP NIPPON Tanabata festival, Tokyo Midtown 2012.7
*Solo Love 2012.5
*global conference at Pacifico Yokohama 2012.1
*Solo Live 2011.9
*Tokyo Midtown, Let's Go Kaigai! 2011.7
*2011 Canadian Music Fest, Toronto 2011.3
*The 15th Millennium Music Conference, Harrisburg 2011.2
*The 23rd Folk Alliance International Conference, Memphis 2011.2
*Solo Live 2011.1

Other Activities & Education:

*Berklee College of Music, online school and summer school 2009-2010
*Studied traditional southern Japanese music under Isao Goya 2006-2007
*Wedding singer 2004-2008
*SAfro FAmily, Sophia Univ 2000-2003
*Studied classical music 1998-1999

Songs,Lyrics&Videos All rights reserved by Eva Aine

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