Eva Hillered

Eva Hillered


Eva Hillered combines the best of two worlds, American Folk and Swedish folkmusic.She has a distinctive voice that boasts a deep soulfulness. "She sounds a little bit like a Swedish Joni Mitchell or Emmylou Harris".


EVA HILLERED.s successful debut album ”Inte varför - utan Hur” (Not Why - But How, Record Station ) was nominated for a Swedish Grammy.It was produced by the famous singer-songwriters Eva Dahlgren in Sweden and Anne-Grete Preus in Norway.
After doing three more solo albums in Swedish Eva is now writing in English.
On her new second English soloalbum Hill Songs, she combines the best of two worlds, American Folk and Swedish folkmusic.
Eva Hillered is a singer-songwriter from Scandinavia, born in Stockholm, living in Sweden. Eva has a distinctive voice that boasts a deep soulfulness coming from the need of expressing herself in songwriting from a very early age in life.
Besides touring in Sweden, she has also been touring in USA, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Zech Republic and England with her music.

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This Road Chose Me

Written By: Eva Hillered

This Road Chose Me
Eva Hillered

I’ve been walking for so long
on this rough and winding road
Striving against the wind uphill
suddenly downhill with ease it goes
When you ask, why don’t you take the highway
why don’t you increase your speed
I tell you I did not choose to walk this way
this road chose me

I’ve been waiting for so long
for a view with a grand sight
but when I begged for the sun
this road led me straight into the night
When you ask, why don’t you choose happyness
why don’t you set yourself free
I tell you this is what my heart wants
this is how I can be me

So please walk beside me for a while
I don’t need much
I just need a pair of loving eyes
and a friend that I can trust

I’ve been travelling for so long
And I know that I am blessed
‘cause I got to see so much in this world
both the worst and the best
And when you ask me where are you going
and where will you be
I tell you, I just choose to trust this way
‘cause this road chose me

Spring Will Come Around

Written By: Lyrics: Eva Hillered/Dana Cooper

Spring Will Come Around
Music: Eva Hillered
Lyrics: Eva Hillered/Dana Cooper

Come roll over slowly to my side of the bed now
We’re not strangers, just need to reconnect somehow
Hold me for a while in silence
Let me feel that you are real
At night I cried myself to sleep
Thought that I would never heal

‘Cause you’ve been gone
Far too long
I stopped waiting for you
Tried to live my life alone
A sad wintersong
I had become
So be the sun and melt me down
Maybe we’ll find spring will come around

Let’s turn the soil over
It’s waiting for the sun to shine
Seeds will grow again
And rain will come
Hold me when the sky is falling
Help me grow beyond my fears
Stay with me when buds are bursting
Days turn green throughout our years

‘Cause you’ve been gone …

It’s so fragile, our love
It’s like a whispering wind inside that needs to be heard

Living In Between

Written By: Eva Hillered/Tom Kimmel

Living In Between
Eva Hillered/Tom Kimmel

How did we drive this far with one foot on the brake?
Can you tell me where we’re going?
How can you be so sure you won’t make a mistake
and somehow leave your spirit showing?

Some days are diamonds
Some days are pearls
Some days I wished I’d never
set foot in this world

Some times you’re tender
Sometimes you’re mean
Sometimes it’s hard to go on
living in between

How can you try my door when yours is never open?
Don’t look as if you had forgotten
How can I trust someone who’s heart was never broken?
And you say baby what’s the problem

Some days are …

There is a place for you here beneath the cover
Where do I go right now to find a place for me?

Tattered Wings

Written By: Eva Hillered/Ben Bedford

Tattered Wings
Eva Hillered/Ben Bedford

Weeks turn to months
far across the sea
this seagull always cries the same song
I hear it while awake
And I hear it in my dreams
I only know too well
exactly what it means

Dogwoods in bloom
reflected in your eyes
we danced to the song of the sea
The grip of your soul left a mark there unseen
I only know too well
exactly what it means

I will fly to you
use these tattered wings
feathers grey and white
trust they will span the sea
And if these wings would fail
I will find another way
I’ll return to you
That’s what I’m gonna do

Guided by love
Guided by faith
Is the light in your eyes still the same?
The beat of your heart is the sound of my wings
I only know too well
exactly what it means

I will fly to you …

No matter how
fierce the wind blows
how high the waves go
how wide the sea

I will fly to you
use these tattered wings…

Back Up Girl

Written By: Eva Hillered/Dana Cooper

Back Up Girl
Eva Hillered/Dana Cooper

As a little girl
She tried so hard to please them
Singing every note right on key
Trying to be strong
There for everyone in need
Saying you can lean on me

I am your backup girl
Out to save the world
Undiscovered pearl
Your backup girl

She grew up and saw a stranger in the mirror
A young woman she would like to get to know
The pretty little dress didn’t fit her like before
She said I can see I am so much more

Then a backup girl
Part of this world
Not just a string of pearls
More than a backup

Wanna sing every line
Not just the chorus
Stop tiptoeing behind
I wanna be the tallest tree in the forest
I wanna step out in the light
Let me shine
Let me shine


Written By: Eva Hillered/Tom Kimmel

Eva Hillered/Tom Kimmel

I stole a feather from your pillow
I made a mark upon your door
I said a prayer your God will never hear
That I am what you’re praying for

I lit a candle in your window
To call a certain spirit home
So even when you’re far away from me
You will know you’re not alone

You say magic is like makebelieve
And your love is a game of chance
Who am I to try to make you see
It’s no mystery, it’s alchemy

There are things a mother tells you
When a girl is strong enough
If you’re not it overwhelms you
If you are it fills your cup

You say magic …

You may never hear this story
But you feel it in your bones
Close your eyes and let me hold you
While I make your heart my own


Hill Songs (Hill Songs, 2008)
Life Line (Hill Songs, 2005)
Hjärtats röda mening (The Red Meaning of
the Heart, Hawk Records, 2004).
Fehling/Hillered Live (Musicano, 2001)
Öppningsskedet (Music for a theater play,
Arbetslivsinstitutet, 1997).
Jag vet, (I Know, Diva Records, 1995)
Cornelis Anamma (Riksteatern,1994)
Stråets längd (Produced by Jonas Isacsson,
guitar player in Roxette. Record Station, 1990)
Inte varför - utan hur (Not Why - But How,
Record Station 1988). Nominated

Set List

I usually play one long set, but if it is prefered I play two sets.
I use primary my own songs, but when I play abroad I often add one or two traditional Swedish folksongs á capella. I only do one cover - Deeper Well