Eva Hunter / The Eva Hunter Band

Eva Hunter / The Eva Hunter Band


Hunter's songs are original, powerful, & personal. The Eva Hunter Band delivers such a high energy rock show that audiences just can't get enough. Yet Eva's albums are so beautifully orchestrated and personal that listeners will need private time to savor the experience.


The first blush of romance, the wistful yearning of a crush, and the pain of unrequited love - Thirsty - Hunter’s latest album release, explores the emotional terrain of complicated love affairs.

These hauntingly poignant songs fuse elements of country, light jazz and orchestrated rock. Eva’s alluring voice glides from a raspy whisper to a gospel-like boom wrapping the listener in the essence of the song.

Whether playing in a frenzied arena or an intimate cafe, the immediacy in Eva’s eyes and honesty of her voice create a truly unique performance.

In twelve years of touring, Eva has opened for acclaimed artists such as Roger McGuinn of The Byrds, country music's Janie Frickie, Austin songwriter Eric Taylor, Nashville’s The Floating Men, Warner-Chappel’s Jeff Black, Anna Fermin’s Trigger Gospel, Celtic-rock act Seven Nations, and Germany’s Fury in the Slaughterhouse.

She has the confidence of a seasoned rocker and the sensitivity to deliver a heartwrenching ballad.


Thirsty (2005)
Crazy Moon Ride (2003)
Butchertown (2001)
Fancy Prairie (2000)
Eva (EP 1999)
On Stage (1999)
Hunter Sisters (1998)

Set List

The Eva Hunter Band plays original music along with some obscure covers. The band shines playing two 70 minute sets, yet they can play a powerful 30 minute or 3 hour long set if needed. Hear Hunter's songs on the "Eva Radio" at www.evahunter.com and view her albums on the STORE link.