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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Magazine Review/Bio"

A kid walks into a show accompanied by the friends who invited him and before this point he has never given Christian music a chance thinking that it was dry, boring, or lacking excitement so he stares at the stage with a blank stare as he expects to see nothing life altering. When the band starts to play his jaw drops to the floor as he hears screams, raging guitars, and blasting drums beats not because of how good the band is but because he hears, sees, and feels God`s presence in the music. On that night any fear he had of God or Christianity was destroyed and from that point on he lives his life for God. This is a story that has probably happened or is most likely to happen at an Evalyn show. If there is any notion out there that Christian music can`t be screamo/hardcore Evalyn definitely kicks it to the curb shattering everything in it`s path with their high energy on stage performance and passion for delivering the word of God but at the same time can slow it up a bit. Evalyn comes out swinging with left and rights from Orlando FL forming in early summer 2006. Despite several lineup changes they have managed to put together a demo, picked up acouple sponsors along the way, and has established themselves as a band by getting shows under their belts and gaining experience. Keep an eye out and your ears ready for Evalyn.
-Minibrick - Minibrick Christian Magazine


"Chasing Dreams EP"



Florida has been home to thousands of screamo/post hardcore acts, many of which who all have the same mind-set goal of just having fun, and loving what they do. Evalyn is no different.

Formerly known as My Last Regret, the band formed in the late summer of 06' consisting of five small-town kids who called Orlando their home. Loving and knowing what music and god can do for people, they soon saw themselves playing a plethora of venues, playing genres of bands ranging from Classic Rock to Death Metal, picking up a few sponsors, being featured in a magazine (MiniBrick Christian Magazine), and managed to win the FAM Festival Competition by bringing more people than 15+ unsigned bands and 6 signed bands. This is only the beginning. Despite an ever changing lineup, and with only a handful of shows under their belts, Evalyn will be one to look out for.

2007 looks to be a promissing year for Evalyn. Evalyn will stake their reputation on the ability to perform. With an amazing stage show and high-energy performance, you'll be left on the edge of your seat. The release of their 3 song "Chasing Dreams EP" in March/April 2007, is a conglomeration of intracate drum fills, chest pounding bass, breakdowns that you swore came from a metal band, and heart-felt lyrics that hit so close home, that you'll find yourself singing along after the first time hearing it.

For booking/management inquires contact:
Marc Edwards
mmkThen Promotions