Evan Bliss

Evan Bliss


Former frontman of The Low Life, Evan Bliss plays origionally refreshing groove rock with instantly addicitve vocal hooks and witty, heartfelt lyrics.


From swing jazz to country to alternative to british rock to folk to groove rock and back again. Evan's vocals range from Elliott Smith's soft sincerity to Chris Robinson's ripping roars. A strong grass roots following throughout the country and beyond, Evan has shared the stage with some of the most electrifying names in the business. Evan's songs are catchy enough to break into the top 40, but organic enough to sustain a loyal and devouted following.

Evan studied English and Sociology at Kenyon College in Gambier, OH, known for writers such as John Crowe Ransom, P.F. Kluge, Robert Lowell, and E.L. Doctorow. Evan also captained the lacrosse team and broke four scoring records.
An amateur ornothologist Evan has collected nearly 700 different species of birds in South America.


Pou-Soi En-Soi - 2006
Live in Vienna - 2006
Live at St. Mary's - 2006 (The Low Life)
Live at the Recher Theatre - 2006 (The Low Life)
Daisy Cutter - 2005 - (The Low Life)
Repossess - 2004 - (The Low Life)
Thixotropic - 2003 - (The Low Life)
You Gotta Die Somewhere - 2002 (The Low Life)

Set List

Evan Bliss --

Tell Her Goodbye
Four Walls
Big Picture
Untitled 1
Everybody's Eyes
Wet and Drying
Can't Wait to See You

The Low Life --
You Are Everything
Bag of Money
Green Shirt
Baby Blues
Boogie Man
Every Little Thing I Do
Roll Slow
In My Bed

Covers --

That's Life - Frank Sinatra
Say Yes - Elliott Smith
Break My Stride - Matthew Wilder
Have You Ever Seen the Rain - CCR
Kiss Off - Violent Femmes
White Flag - Dido
Apple Blossom - The White Stripes
And it Stoned Me - Van Morrison

Sets can range from 30min to 2hrs.