Evan Brum

Evan Brum

 New York City, New York, USA

American roots-rock with a modern rock edge


Evan Brum grew up surrounded by the sounds of classic American roots/blues music. His influences include artists such as Taj Mahal, Albert King,Joe Cocker,Richie Havens, and the Allman Brothers Band to name a few. Over the past few years, Evan and his band The Royal High have been performing in and around the New York City area spreadind their eclectic mix of classic American roots based music combined with a modern rock edge. This rings true in Evan's raspy vocal delivery, which has been described by some as a" Tome Jones, Tom Waites sandwich" Evan compiments his gritty vocal styling with percussive, rhythm based acoustic guitar playing.
As far as the band goes, The Royal High exemplifies solid American roots-rock music. This is well represented throughout the album by lead guitar player Jon Shriver. From classic bluesy, Stones influenced licks, to good old fashioned classic rock shredding, this son of a gun ain't screwing around. The bands newest memnber, who also
engineered and co-produced the albumis multi-talented musician Bryan Smith. Ranging from classic Hammond organ, to space-age modern synth, Bryan adds a fresh dynamic to the band. Drummer Mat Zebroski, who plays drums on the album, holds down the fort with his unique jazz/rock percussive sway. Performing with the band most recently is hard hitting rock & roll drummer Dave Vincola. Bass duties on the album are credited to New Zealand native, Julliard graduate, Mat Fieldes. Pro bass player Glen Nataupsky, has been joining the band for most recent live performances.
Evan Brum & The Royal High Continue to spread thier unique style of modern roots-rock throughout the land.


Look Who's Cryin'

Written By: Evan Brum

Sick in the head, worryin' all day about you
Wonderin' why season's they change, and they
turn blue
I've been on my own long enough to know, and if you've ever been in love before ya gotta let it go...

Look who's cryin' now
Look who's cryin' now

You tow me on your line, and everytime I fall for you
I take it on the chin, I don't know what else to do...Whoa whoa..whoa

Look who's cryin' now
Look who's cryin' now

Sailin' along god's got the wind behind me
Sun in the sky, shinin' on down so brightly
If You wanna leave, pack your life and go..
linger on that only sinkin' ship that you know...

Look who's Cryin' now
Look who's cryin' now

You tow me on your line, everytime I fall for you
I take it on the chin, I don't know what else to do whoa...whoa, whoa...yeah

Look who's Cryin' Now
Look who's Cryin' now
Look who's Cryin' Now


Evan Brum I EP
Evan Brum II
Evan Brum & The Royal High

Set List

Our sets consist of primarily all original music:
Lookk Who's Cryin'
Black & Blue
Broken Mirror
Shining Star
By Now
we do a couple of covers
*My Name is Luka(Suzanne Vega)
*Every breath You take
The Police