The Evan D. Williams Band

The Evan D. Williams Band

 Ithaca, New York, USA

I’m a pelican of the badlands, I’m a desert owl
Lone sparrow on the rooftop, vulture on the prowl
But don't take me away
Don't take me away
Don't take me away yet, Lord
Don't take me away


Top 10 Influences:
Gordy Quist
Bob Dylan
Moses Hogan
Joe Crookston
Steve Reich
Savannah James
Martha Reeves
Dan Messe
Amy Helm


They Just Kept Finding Empty Bottles (home-recorded LP, 2007)
Live at Waffle Frolic (live LP, 2012)
Me and the Mule (studio EP, forthcoming in 2013)
&c. (demos and outtakes, forthcoming in 2013)
Home Again (studio LP, forthcoming in 2013)

Set List

Anything from 2 minutes to two hours; originals only or a mix of originals and covers.