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Jersey City, NJ | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | SELF

Jersey City, NJ | SELF
Established on Jan, 2017
Band Pop Indie


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Singer/songwriter Evangelia drops an enchanting video for her latest release ‘Digital Age’, a pop anthem for the iGeneration."

Evangelia is an upcoming singer/songwriter who combines a wide variety of influences to craft authentic indie-pop music with a purpose. ‘Digital Age’ sees the New Jersey native join forces with the talented producer Jonathan Buschema of KNGDAVD, to deliver a track that finds beauty in simplicity.

Like contemporaries Melanie Martinez, Sia, and Lorde, Evangelia follows in the tradition of Lily Allen by using a sweet pop melody to frame some of the heavier issues facing modern society. The sentimental lyrics balance a love story with a commentary on the adverse effects of technology in today’s world. The smooth beat is based around a simple acoustic guitar idea, while the recurring trumpet line gives the track a gorgeous jazz edge that adds a timeless element to Evangelia’s sound.

The track’s beautiful music video was created by Piripinghi, and uses stop motion animation to creatively express how living life through a screen distracts people from really experiencing what’s in front of them. Throughout the video, a hand swipes through colourful photos on various social media platforms, including a Tinder-esque app cleverly entitled ‘Illusion.’ The final shot sees the phone screen turn blank, urging people to avoid constantly comparing their lives to photos on a screen, and to choose instead to live in the moment.

‘Digital Age’ is a gem of a song, and spells a bright future for Evangelia, whose thoughtful and clever brand of pop music is timely and valuable in the world of today.

Review by Lucy O’Toole - Xune Magazine

"Premier: The Warm Embrace of Evangelia's Debut "Cold""

There’s a gentle breeze in Evangelia’s folky lilt: Honest and easy, free-spirited and self-aware, the artist presents herself as balance of pop shine and raw humanity.

Get ready for something special.

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Cold,” the debut single from NYC-based singer/songwriter Evangelia. Straddling the lines of folk and pop, her introduction is a slow-burning, authentic embrace: With outstretched arms and a hauntingly pure voice, she invites us into her world, telling her subject not to worry – that everything is going to be okay, because she’s here.

And she’s not going anywhere.

Cold – Evangelia

At the end of the day
When darkness threatens peace of mind
When the sun goes away
I’ll be there to keep you warm
You’ll never have to feel the cold with me
“‘Cold’ is a song that was written for people to feel good and know that there’s someone out there that cares about them,” Evangelia shares. Authentic and endearing, Evangelia’s sincerity flows throughout “Cold.” Her words are simple and endearing, her demeanor knowing and aching: Her outstretched arm touches all who’ve hurt, no matter how or by whom.

Pain hurts, but Evangelia’s debut single is a reminder to all of us that we’re not alone: That no matter what we’re going through, there are those around us who love us, believe in us, and will fight for us.

Heartwarming and heartfelt, “Cold” shines a little more light in an often dark world. It’s an incredibly potent debut that hints at great things to come from Evangelia. Whether you’re in need of a little warmth, or just looking for a great song, enjoy Evangelia’s “Cold” exclusively on Atwood Magazine! - Atwood Magazine

"13 Reasons Why: Christian Navarro shares Tony-inspired song"

There’s a lot more to Tony than his hair (though it’s very important).

With the 13 Reasons Why cast already hard at work on the hit Netflix show’s second season, Christian Navarro, who plays Tony, posted a video on his Instagram. The clip features Navarro singing alongside artist Evangelia, whom he says wrote the song. And if you listen closely, the lyrics might remind of your favorite leather jacket enthusiast. As Navarro wrote, “What began as a casual jam session ended up offering a glimpse into Tony’s mind.”

After all, it’s about time Tony got his own theme song. - Entertainment Weekly

"Review: Evangelia Drops Stunning Video For New Single, “Still Think About You”"

A few months later, and she’s done it again with her new single, “Still Think About You.”

The new track has a beautiful, etherial vibe going for it with a slow tempo and mellow, relaxed vocals that evoke and almost hypnotically serene feeling in listeners. However, while “Still Think About You” may be stylistically “chill,” it certainly isn’t lacking in power. The lyrics are poetic and relatable, drawing emotion and appealing to the inner self who wants nothing more than to be able to be vulnerable around that special someone. The thought of still wanting someone it just didn’t work out with the first time, in a society that believes emotions should be linear and dealt with quickly, isn’t exactly something openly discussed. Despite this, the feeling itself is not an uncommon one, and Evangelia conveys it perfectly. It’s subtle, yet deep, and that’s definitely part of the charm.

The video that was released simultaneously with the single is absolutely stunning. An amazing us of jump cuts meshes together perfectly with the artistically framed shots and liberal use of computer graphics, creating an otherworldly vibe. Stylistically it’s crisp, yet dreamy, much like the song itself.

The subtle storytelling is also a huge selling point. Looking closely, it becomes apparent that the four characters shown in the video are connected, including Evangelia herself. Like with a good book, this detail makes it hard not to become invested. With engaging elements like heartache, desire, conflict, hope, and obviously the song itself, everything about this video is meant to be immersive to listeners.

It’s hard not to fall in love with this track. It’s clear that Evangelia has a bright future ahead of her with her music, and is definitely a name to look out for.

Rating: 5/5 - Salute Magazine

"Evangelia: "Digital Age""

If you’re a millennial, you'll be falling head over heals for Evangelia’s new track. Listen below!

One of our absolute favorite tracks this week is “Digital Age” by Evangelia. It's an all too poignant folk-jazz track about finding love in our current world. A sleepy, yet refreshing tapestry of singer/songwriter elements, acoustic guitar, and sexy horns will make you want to swipe right immediately. In no time, this tune will have you falling in love on a winter day in your favorite city. But wait! There's more! The adorable stop motion music video is well worth your time! Watch below.

Purchase your copy of "Digital Age" on iTunes today. For your listening pleasure, we've already added this track to our Gas Mask FAVORITES playlist!

Are you falling for Evangelia yet? Tell us on social media and stay tuned for more of the best music around at: @GasMaskMagazine. - Gas Mask Magazine


Jersey girl Evangelia just released a stunning ode to lost connections and digital distractions with, “Digital Age”.

Growing up she spent her time between the US and Greece, where she remembers penning tunes on her families balcony. Drawn to musics ability to connect people beyond culture and language barriers, she grew up with music in her heart and on her mind. The life long passion led her to Rutgers University where she would coordinate open mics and eventually it would bring her across state borders into New York’s infamous scene where she began performing and networking.

Soon after she formed an Alt-Folk band with some of the talented musicians she met along the way and began to focus on creating and releasing original tunes. On her latest, the nostalgic and classic feeling tune relies on smooth guitar, playful percussion, muted horns and bright melodies to support the stunning vocals from Evangelia. The minimal production is perfectly arranged to suit the vocals and allow them to shine.

The emotional performance also allows you to feel some of the Mediterranean influence that she grew up around. The down tempo tune makes sure that the listener is captured by the first line and held onto until the last. About the release she offers, “With technology increasing the speed of every aspect of our lives, having too many options is often an addicting distraction, keeping us stuck in surface level connections, afraid to commit, fearing there might be something better just one swipe away…but that’s never how it works. Digital Age is a reminder that what makes you happy could be right in front of you, now, in present moment.” - ROCKDAFUQOUT


Still working on that hot first release.



There are a lot of parallels between Evangelia and New York City. Both embody a youthful exuberance and optimism. Both carry the best traits that come along with a rich background of diversity and eclecticism. And both possess a certain timelessness and charisma that leaves you believing you’re in the presence of something very special.

Raised in New Jersey and spending summers in Greece, Evangelia was always drawn to the sort of emotional connectivity that good music creates and how different cultures communicate that. Even today it’s the pursuit of that connection that finds her delving nightly into the myriad of local cultural experiences that New York’s creative community provides.

On her upcoming debut EP, an attentive listener can feel the rhythmic pulse of the Mediterranean Sea where she spent summers as a kid writing lyrics on the balcony of her family’s farmhouse. Another listen will bring to light the influence of 60 years worth of folk heroes and rock bands and jazz trios trying to make a name for themselves at The Bitter End or Kenny’s Castaways. Perhaps, the most endearing experience you will hear though is that of the Jersey girl with an all-consuming passion for music that found her playing at clubs throughout the tri-state area both solo and with Little Rose; the alt-folk band she formed with some of the standout players she met through the open mics she organized while at Rutgers University.

Still, it’s the rare presence and talent Evangelia possesses that allows her to combine all these vast influences and experiences seamlessly as if they were always meant to be brought together. On her debut EP, we will experience the first touch point in the career of what will undoubtedly be a very special artist.

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