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Evan Holt

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A lot of music today sounds like something that's already been done before or from a certain region, Evan Holt makes the type of music that would sell records because it makes sense. The music paints the picture with it's own imagery instead of having some drawn out marketing plan or gimmick.


Atlanta Hip-Hop artist, Evan Holt, is 22 with a catalog of music waiting to be heard. After releasing his first official project in 2010, "Thanks Dilla", Evan has since followed up by releasing three quality releases---"1.5", "x.evan Holt" and most recently, "Where Was Eye". The former San Diego native has been recording longer than he's had any diploma, and plans to have his masters with or without the masters degree.

Inspired by a wide range of Hip Hop artists from past to present, Evan is a storyteller with a sense of awareness. While a lot of today's music is heavily influenced by the South and fashion trends, Evan is more concerned about making something that is genuine and timeless. His music is straight forward, with more "real life" than real length, and feels as if each work is still being written.

Having nothing but time on his side, Evan has more than enough music to pass around. He hopes to make his premiere breakthrough with his producer/friend, DJ Dallas, and their album, "Lone Star State", which has been in the works since Evan's sophomore year of college, and is said to be his dissertation as an artist.


"Thanks Dilla" - http://www.mediafire.com/download/06x44o3xqxa62io/ev4n_holt_-_Thanks_Dilla.zip

"1.5" - http://www.mediafire.com/download/7q77cffib98k2pk/ev4n_holt_-_1.5.zip

"x.Evan Holt" - http://www.mediafire.com/download/kjfn6935f7gpsek/ev4n_Holt_-_x.Evan_Holt.zip

"Where Was Eye" - http://www.mediafire.com/download/rq4ygvea67y7uwv/Evan_Holt_-_Where_Was_I_(EP).zip