Emerging at the right time for folk music their brand of borderline morbid, stripped-down haunts teeter along the Josh T. Pearson ilk. Ambient & barren yet rich in eerie coos & an ethereal ache, the songs of evanjack are the musical equivalent of gothic desolation with an edge of fearful optimism.


evanjack are a folk duo based in South London comprising of Scott Cousins (guitar & vocals) & Andrew Lyddon (drums). Both grew up in South Wales, unaware of each other’s existence until a love of music formed a friendship many years later. The contrasting musical backgrounds of the two naturally fused & they have developed a style of writing melancholic songs with a glimmer of hope
and splendour.

They recorded their debut EP ‘For Susan’ at Urchin Studios in July 2011. Produced & engineered by Matt Ingram & Dan Cox (who have worked with Laura Marling, Fyfe Dangerfield & Marques Toliver). The studio opened up a new world of musical possibilities for evanjack & a fresh musical landscape was laid out in front of them. Thriving in this environment the session nurtured the familiar sound of the band & sparked a creative period that saw the songs growing in both sentiment & stature.

It was clear that in order to capture the rising emotion of the session, the songs were going to have to be recorded entirely live, a string section was brought in & with Matt joining the band on an old Wurlitzer Piano the sound had finally grown into what the boys had always hoped for. ‘For Susan EP’ is a journey filled with raw sensitivity, passion and fearful optimism.

With the addition of Redvers Bailey (Bass) & Andy Schrav (Keys) to the line up evanjack’s live performances have grown in confidence, on stage they incite emotion & enrapture their audience with both sombre & epic moments. They recently played a sold out show to over 150 people at the legendary venue The Bedford in Balham to launch the For Susan EP. It was described as an “amazing night, I’d say magical actually” and “the most passionate performance I’ve seen” by those who attended.

evanjack have gone onto support the likes of Benjamin Francis Leftwich and the EP has been released independently on the bands own label, evanjack music and has already received great reviews and radio play from Bethan Elfyn, Adam Walton and Tom Robinson on BBC Radio as well as John Kennedy on XFM.


evanjack's debut EP "For Susan"
(1) Scathing
(2) Easy on you
(3) For Susan
(4) The long walk home

The band's songs, Easy on you and Hurt have recieved radio airplay on BBC Radio.