Evan Marshall

Evan Marshall


AMERICANA MUSIC - FOLK LYRICS - SMOOTH VOCALS. Think: the stories of Springsteen meet the musical versatility of Ryan Adams, and throw in a voice all its own. Audiences from mainstream to indie find something to enjoy!


Growing up in the Appalachian foothills, Evan Marshall was steeped in the sounds of local roots music as much as the commercial radio waves of greater America. Add to this a love of storytelling, from tales heard round the hearth to the layered nuances of such great writers as Flannery O’Connor and Mark Twain, and the intrigue of his sound becomes clear. Evan’s music is picturesque Americana, from more mainstream Nashville sounds to cuts filled with bluegrass, rock, and blues inflections. But like all true artists, his repertoire in the end defies categorization. Evan Marshall’s music is best described in the imagery conjured by his style: the longing of rock ‘n roll, the haunted heirlooms of alt-country, and the universal hope found on an outstretched American highway.

Having been a songwriter for over a decade, Evan Marshall’s music has always been, first and foremost, about storytelling. However, with the recent release of the The Long Way Home EP, he proves his ability to interlace lyrical depth and powerful melody. Cut in the Triad region of eastern North Carolina, the EP has introduced Evan to new audiences, all of whom are asking, “Why havent I heard of this before?!” Fusing the lyrical intensity of Dylan and Springsteen with the musicality of a Gram Parsons or Ryan Adams, Marshall’s EP mixes smooth, earthy vocals with the spirit of hard country and the gravitas of folk storytelling. 2006 Musician of the year, Martha Bassett, says of Evan’s recent release: “The songs are rich and dark, and his sweet voice pulls you into the stories he tells.”*

Already having cut his chops both on radio and onstage throughout the region, Evan Marshall is a polished gem of a performer ready to sparkle. And with an ever-expanding catalog of songs waiting to be cut, Marshall as a songwriter is ripe for the picking.

*Relish Magazine, Winston-Salem Journal


Two Birds on a Wire

Written By: Evan Marshall, Dave Brewer

There she is on her front stoop
Waitin for that old boy to come
He pulls up in his 81 Camaro
She jumps in, he peels away
And they make their great escape
Headin for Atlanta today

There’s nothing left for them in Union
Maybe a few high school friends
Most of whom married right out of school
Now they’re working dead-end jobs
And getting nowhere fast
They don’t wanna end up like that

Like two birds on a wire
Watching that morning sunrise
When you’re with me
Everything’s ok
Just don’t ever fly away

The road comes up fast to meet them
As they cross that north Georgia line
A rush of wind runs its fingers through her hair
Reminding her of summers
As a girl in Tennessee
She looks at him and falls asleep

Instrumental and Chorus

We both seen the water come down
From the top of old Abram’s falls
From up there we said our own kind of vows
The morning light was shaking off the leaves of amber-gold
Water telling stories of old

Susie, Don't Be Blue

Written By: Evan Marshall

Johnny, don’t you know
I’d kill you if you lied
Now I, I need to hear the truth

I just got a call from Susie’s mom
She said that you got a son that looks like you
Got a son looks just like you

I swear momma
And you better listen close
Cause she, she gone and got herself in this

I didn’t touch her
Any way she didn’t want,
Yea, I’d tell that to Jesus
I’d tell that to Jesus

Oh momma don’t you cry,
Your son would never tell a lie
Oh Johnny, don’t be blue,
Someday you’ll have a girl that loves you

Little angel,
Your momma loves you so,
Yea, we’ll raise him just fine

He’ll grow up real tall
And one day he’ll become
A child of God
Yea, a good father

Oh momma don’t you cry
Cause I apologize for every mistake I made
Oh Susie, don’t be blue
Someday you’ll have a boy that loves you

Oh Susie, don’t be blue
Someday you’ll have a boy that loves you
That loves you

Spoils of War

Written By: Evan Marshall

Vs. 1:
Last night I dreamed of the Holy Land on her knees
The light from the West and the East had all but dimmed out

I saw her rise and all of her walls built with stone
Crumbled like bread and the crumbs fell to those on both sides

And I thought I heard her cry

Tell all the saints and the angels above you; tell your Messiahs, your Lords
Those who have fallen lie peaceful beneath you, those who are spoils of war

Vs. 2:
I walked her streets; the dust and the bone ‘neath my feet
The blood and the water and heat flowing thick in my veins

I saw a face rise from the ashes and stone
Eyes like diamonds from coal shining through a black veil

She was whispering a prayer



Vs. 3:
And then the voice rose like a light through the East
And washed the Pacific as snow and the West drew its swords

And when I woke, fear made its way inside
No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t shake off

Yea, the voice that pierced the dark


Those who have fallen lie peaceful beneath you, those who are spoils of war


The Long Way Home EP (2006)

Set List

Opening Song: Saturday
Carry On
Shot in the Dark
Susie, Don't Be Blue
Abingdon Way
Florida Keys
Somethin' in the Night - Bruce Springsteen


Go All Night
High and Dry
Two Birds on a Wire
Spoils of War
Blood and Bone


Caroline (Christmas in Soho)
Angel from Montgomery - John Prine