Evan Michaels

Evan Michaels


The hard hitting style of Evan Michaels is unlike anyone has seen. The heart that is put into the songs all written by Evan Michaels himself is clearly relayed by the presence he shows on stage.


Evan Michaels born and raised in Oklahoma, has been surrounded by music his whole life which lead to his proficiency in guitar, singing and songwriting. What started as entertaining his friends Friday nights at the Burbank Landing Campsite became the onset of his exciting career. During the last 5 years Evan has performed many of the songs from his extensive catalog in the northern OK and southern KS region. While Evan frequents venues all over Oklahoma and Kansas, he has also entertained Nashville at Tootsies Orchid Lounge, Music City Bar and Grill, and opened for Nashville recording artist Chris Young. If he's not entertaining the crowd you can find him team ropin, working, relaxing at the lake, or hanging out at the local arena.


Debut Album- One more Friday night
First Single for radio airplay- Country