Evan Robinson

Evan Robinson


Music is very important to me and I take it seriously, I like to experience music, not just listen to it and I like the listener to experience my music, not just listen to it. I avoid too many structures in my music and rely on emotion to direct where a song should go.


I listen to music constantly, never the one genre, so I don't really think I can pin point any artists who infuence me directly.
I wait for inspiration to come and it can come from anywhere, sometimes a powerful movie will motivate me to write or maybe a vivid dream, but it can be the simplest of things that sparks the idea for a song.


Black Painted Floor

Written By: Evan Robinson

And the black painted floor
Sticks to my feet
So I take a seat
And I look around this room
And there's nothing here that reminds me of you

I didn't mean it to happen like this, but it is like this
Your tender age and your tender face
Led me away from whatever it was I thought I knew

Towards the end I tried to remind myself
Of what it was I saw in you
But all you had was youth
Which is the end isn' much
No there isn't much I can get from youth

I think maybe I liked the way dressed
And the way you pretended not to care
To me it was new
But soon it became what it always does
Yes in the end it became what everything does

In the end you taught me about life and love, about life and love
And how it always happens like this
Yes it always happens like this
In the end you taught me about life love
And how it always happens like this

Set List

Anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours. Mostly originals, but may do a cover occasionally - beatles, radiohead, stina nordenstam, nick cave, tori amos, etc. But I'm not really into doing covers, unless I can add something to the song and make it my own.