Evan Ryan

Evan Ryan


Take a female drummer who plays an electronic set and add a great vocalist with guitar chops to match, the Evan Ryan Band easily outplays competition with solid songs and great lyrics. The ERB has a quality and chemistry that few can match.


The Evan Ryan Band came from a couples love of music. Evan Ryan, being a songwriter and guitar player for most of his life, found perfection when he discovered that his girlfriend Rachel Wheatbrook played the drums. After setting her up with an electronic drumset, the two began playing around six gigs a month every month since February 2008. The two recently filmed a video for FOXNEWS' Fox and Friends show, to air Sept. 12th 2008 and to also be shown on the Times Square Jumbotron! The national exposure will be a huge break for the group who started out just to have some fun.


World on the Outside

Written By: Evan Ryan

Looking all around trying to find a way
It seems my life's turned into another duck and cover
Things that should have gone haven't gone away
And if I'm not careful, I'm gonna be discovered

Taking back alleys home
Changing the locks on the doors
You know the easy way out's not an option
Gotta get away from the world on the outside

I really wish my past wasn't here today
I got what I deserved now all that should be over
But someone will remind me every day
Of all the things I've done and how my life is over

When the sky goes black
And the clouds are above
You can still call to me
I'll bring a shower of love

It's just that I'm still here
This feelings always been real
It's just a slap in the face
To hear the things that you feel


Center of Attention EP: four songs featuring heavier material than the ERB is known for playing. Self-released. For the standard material the band is known for playing, check out www.myspace.com/evanryanband

Set List

While playing bars, the ERB has a four hour setlist that blows all other bar bands away. Featuring songs most bands fear to cover, the ERB has no trouble playing Gin and Juice, Ice Ice Baby, Dick in a Box, Bleeding Love, Wait and Bleed and dozens more tracks never head by most bar patrons. With a healthy mix of original songs, top 40, etc... the ERB leaves everyone wanting more.