Evan Sussman Band

Evan Sussman Band

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

The Evan Sussman band blends acoustic pop, rock, and folk influences to make a modern americana sound.

Band Members

  • Evan Sussman Guitarist, Vocalist

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Hard to Explain

Written By: Evan Sussman

Sometimes, it's hard to stick to your guns... and I...
well when everyone turns to the sun...you know...
I go running to rain

Most lies, they help out the liar
I won't try, but I had grown tired
when the first mine exploded
under my brain

And it's easier to breathe when you don't understand that
Half of a woman is more than a man
But when the elephant shakes at the touch of your hand its too late

But when your timeline has breached the impermiable wall
No belief, no religion...
no feeling too small, should change the taste of the perfect apple you ate.
It's never too late

Sweet winds, blowing me back to meet him
Telling me twice to deepen
The grooves I've got lined on my face

An old man, extending further his cold hand...pointing out ways I could grow and... showing me back to my place

But it's right in the middle of now and due time.
When the easiest riddle meets the trickiest rhyme.
And the rythmn is lost on all who shuffle and shake.

It's in the moment we stop, and we all just take stock
Of all that we have, and all that we've lost
That the path to happiness is never easier to trace
It's what's hard to replace

But sometimes, it's hard to stick to your guns
And when everyone turns to the sun
I go running to rain

It's hard to explain
It's hard to explain

A Bumper Crop Day

Written By: Evan Sussman

Even though two makes two
It’s still staring back at you
To hide from the ugly truth
Is like lying to the rain

Even though I’m satisfied
There’s still a wonder in your eyes
Thinner than a diamond slice
Tougher than chain

It’s no big mystery
not precise like surgery
You’re a stranger who looked at me
And then looked again

You wait up with me to wave
Goodbye though we only met
(you’ve got me) I’m combing the alphabet for something
to say

Even though two makes two
I’ll always look out for you
I don’t need to know the truth
Cause you gave me a change

(though a) Sundial can’t unwind
I’ve tied up my mooring line
My anchor is dropping
In a parking lot space

Where yellow lines frame my mistakes

Even though two makes two
The rug’s out from under you
It takes one to know one who
Cuts without pain

So pick up the needle and
Find a groove to fit it in
As long as it spins around
I’ll be OK.

Even though two makes two
The foot’s in the other shoe
The egg timer’s ringing in
Waltz-perfect pace

And I got in my own way
The night, you looked at me
And I was wrong to say………….

Even though two makes two
I’ll always look out for you
Every time I look at you
I wanna change

Even though I’m satisfied
I’m waiting on a big surprise
Behind your bedroom eyes
On this bumper crop day


Songs I Sing in the Bathroom EP