Evan Taylor Jones

Evan Taylor Jones

 Orlando, Florida, USA

A soul/indie acoustic artist out of Orlando, FL. A new E.P. out and another full album on the way. Been playing for a long time, love to spread music and joy to people. Music that will make you wanting more and keep you as a fan for life.


Evan Taylor Jones is a young up and coming artist from Inglewood, CA who is blessed and influenced by the genres of soul, blues, and funk, just to name a few. Jones currently lives in Orlando, FL where he is currently writing songs, mastering guitar, and singing. Evan is currently working on his new album as a solo artist. The album is being recorded at John Blanche Recording Studios in Longwood, Florida and is set to release in July of 2012.


2012- Music From The Heart & Soul- E.P.
2012- Stories From My Room- E.P.
2013- (Full-length release)