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She's Just Lonely

Written By: Evan V Hankins

She’s Just Lonely
Evan V Hankins © 1981

Verse 1
Once a wife, once a friend
Sweet beginnings, bitter ends
Once a light in someone else’s life
She’ll turn on for you tonight.

She ain’t easy, she’s just lonely
For someone warm to hold on to
If you treat her like the lady that she is
You might find some comfort too.
But at times you’ll have to read between the tears
To find what really makes her cry
Is it all the love she’s lost among the years
Or just one man who said goodbye?

Verse 2
When she tells you that she loves you
Don’t look too deeply in her eyes
There’s a man in there she’s seeing from her past
While she’s telling you those lies


Verse 3
Oh you look a little troubled
Wondering how I really know
Boy I know her every cry and sigh
I’m one fool who let her go.


(Is it all the love I promised her for years or just the way I said goodbye?)

Don't Shoot Me

Written By: Evan V Hankins

Don’t Shoot Me
Evan Hankins © 2007

Verse 1
It all got started the day I was hired
I come up from the field all hot and tired
I said “Mam could I have a little drink from your well”
With a come on grin she said “Help your self”

Oh No!
Don’t shoot me
With your gun.
Oh No
Don’t you Shoot Me
With your gun.

Verse 2
Ain’t nothing quite as cold as the sound of a click
On a shotgun hammer when you’re down by the crick
Skin to skin with the wife of a mighty jealous man
Just a trigger pull away from dead man’s land


She smiled at him with that sultry grin that worked on me
With a cold dead look he let that hammer fall
Thunder rolled through the bottom like a summer storm
The splash… then silence took us all

Verse 3
Only two stood watching as the creek turned red
I ain’t never in my life been closer to dead
I learned my lesson the day she fell
I’ve never since stole a drink from another man’s well


Her Rich Man

Written By: Evan V Hankins

Her Rich Man
Evan Hankins © 2006

Verse 1
She told her daddy, as a young girl
She would marry a rich man; he would give her the world
They would live in a palace, in luxury
Then walking down life’s winding road, she met me

She wanted a rich man, she got me
I’ve worked real hard, trying to be
She wanted a rich man, she wanted a rich man
then the girl fell in love with me

Verse 2
Soon the children came, one, two, three
From diapers to college, what a strain it can be
We pulled together, and made the ends meet
In our little palace, with few luxuries


I burned a lot of years back then just struggling on
Trying to be the rich man in her dream
I’m a little slow but lately I’ve been catching on
Maybe life’s the way that it was meant to be

Because the girl’s still in love with me

Verse 3
The children are grown now; it’s just her and me
I still reflect sometimes, on her old dream
When I’ve missed the forest, just staring at trees
She holds me real close, and helps me to see


When that sweet, sweet girl
Gave her pure golden heart to me

She Made Me Her Rich Man.