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North Hollywood, California, United States | MAJOR

North Hollywood, California, United States | MAJOR
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"Comedy night raises around $2,000 for Parkinson's research"

"His comedy focused in on the more humorous aspects of college life. After singing a personal song about college shut-ins, he made a list of his top 10 things about Penn, such as the Penn Quidditch team. He had all the audience laughing after drawing comparisons between himself and his hero, Miley Cyrus." - The Daily Pennsylvanian

"Evan Wecksell entertains UNO with comedic songs"

"The show began with heavy references to Lady Gaga's new music video, "You and I," shot in Nebraska, with bizarre scenes like her in a mermaid suit and her making out with herself. Wecksell said because of that video it was "mermaid country in Omaha.""
- Rosa Najera, UNO Gateway (Oct 27, 2011) - UNO Gateway

"Comedy Show Comes to ONU"

Last Thursday, the brothers of Theta Chi brought a special treat to Ohio Northern University in the form of comedian and singer/songwriter Evan Wecksell. At no cost to students, Wecksell performed his original musical comedy routine that he has performed around the country.

Wecksell is a graduate of Tufts University in Medford, MA, and the Alumni President of the Epsilon Theta chapter of Theta Chi. He began playing guitar in college when he took a course that required students to take up a new hobby.

The first year of his comedy career Wecksell did only stand-up routines. He eventually combined this with his new hobby of playing guitar. The result of the combination is the comedy style that has led to him being compared to musical comedy superstars like Steven Lynch and Adam Sandler. “I kind of let the songs be my background, but I try to talk around them,” said Wecksell.

He says that his most recent material has been different than his past work. “The new songs I’ve been playing... have not been straight songs. It’s been very interactive... stuff I think the venue will enjoy.”

Three years ago, while employed at a temporary day job, he came up with the idea to contact Theta Chi chapters around the country and perform at their universities. Wecksell said “[Those shows] kind of served as the foundation for all the college shows I do.”

Performing for Theta Chi, he says, is an amazing thing. He hits it off instantly with his Theta Chi brothers. “I’m one of them, so it becomes a fun show.” Each chapter decides whether or not to charge admission to the shows for fundraisers or to open it to the student body for free, as was done on Thursday.

As for the future, Wecksell says “I think I want to run for president in 2028.” In the meantime, he and his wife, Kelly Meyersfield, are in a musical this month called College: The Musical. He is enjoying touring for now, and is of course always working to expand his career.

“Comedy. Melody. Stupidity... That’s sort of my slogan,” says Wecksell. “[I use] stupid topics, but present [them] in a very intelligent way.” - The Northern Review (Ada, OH)

"Comedy X: Zombie Smut, Circus Poodles and the Secret of Jon Bon Jovi"

By Debra McCorkle

Comedians Evan Wecksell, Dave O’Gara and Spanky – one name, like Madonna – are heading to Georgia Southern on September 16th. They will appear onstage at the Russell Ballroom as the Comedy X troupe – billed across campuses of America as 13 Colleges. 24 Comedians. 17 days. 1 Tour.

I don’t have cable anymore, but these days the internet is as crucial to an up-and-coming comedian as an appearance on Comedy Central. Wecksell, O’Gara and Spanky have resumes thick with television appearances – from HBO to VH1 to the Discovery Channel. However, they hang around their computer websites like everyone else. According to Wecksell, “we (comedians) spend too much time on MySpace and YouTube”. In fact, when I wanted to ask O’Gara a few questions for this article, I found him on his MySpace page. He appeared to be “Online now!” every time I checked. It’s a good thing, too, because both comics were eager to share their thoughts about the world of comedy.

Evan is the clean-cut kid in the striped shirt. He performs parody songs about everything from lesbian envy (“Dick Evan Dyke”) to black envy (“just give me the rhythm I lack… I wanna be black”). He states on his website that his influences include Hulk Hogan, Jon Bon Jovi and Melissa Etheridge. I had to ask Evan why he claimed such disparate influences.

Evan explains it this way: “The way Jon Bon Jovi and Hulk Hogan are so energetic and so aware of their audience is what influences me. They appeal to everyone and are the standard in their type of live performing. And Melissa Etheridge is the bomb - emotional, passionate, personal. I do the same thing as her, just funny. I also wrote a song about wanting to be a lesbian - one of my more risque ones, called ‘Dick Evan Dyke’.”

Wecksell began his comedic career after college. He took a post-grad sports marketing class at NYU. He says that “during the final group presentation, I was so funny that not only did we get the best grade in the class, the teacher told me to just get on stage. A month later I started stand-up class at The Comic Strip in NYC. Here I am 4 years later”.

When asked about the demise of comedy clubs across the country, Wecksell admits that the climate has changed regarding standup. “Last Comic Standing re-energized the genre a little, but it's becoming a lost art. Everyone loves the idea of instant fame so they'd rather stay home and watch American Idol or America's Got Talent rather than go to a comedy club. Last spring, someone walked out of one of my shows just to watch ‘The Real World’!”

Dave O’Gara also got into standup via a local comedy club. He explains that “a friend of mine was doing a contest at the comedy club he tended bar at. I went in to watch him, and he was terrible. But even still no one through anything at him and he still managed to get some laughs. I knew right then that I had to get into this. Two weeks later and only my second time on stage I won fifty dollars in that very same contest”.

O’Gara has had his share of odd jobs before becoming a comedian. Dave once “worked for the Phils Brothers circus in PA and NJ. I drove a prop van, helped set up the big top, and moved the little slide the trained poodles went on. No gag, I really worked for these guys. I also had a couple of character building jobs at lots of places that deal in grease, and a troika of soul-crushing telemarketer jobs.”

O’Gara’s MySpace lists his interest in, among other things, Smut and Zombies. I asked him whether he knows of the existence of Zombie Smut. Not missing a beat, Dave answered “as far as zombie smut goes, there is so much bad plastic surgery and good crystal meth in the porn business, I would say about half of all smut is zombie smut. Have you seen (adult actress) Bunny Bleu lately?”

When asked why there was only one woman out of 24 comedians on Comedy X, Dave was quick to answer. “My guess is, and this is only conjecture, is that she's a slut. I mean everyone knows that women aren't funny, but every tour needs a party girl to jiggle things up now and again…actually, I don't know why there isn't much diversity on the tour. I'm sure the woman in question is a very nice and funny lady. I didn't put the tour together so I don't know what marketing ideas went into it.”

Wecksell’s comedic heroes include Dave Attell and Will Ferrell. For O’Gara it’s Bill Hicks and Dave Cross. He believes that “they are the perfect comedians in that everything about their acts, their premises, their take on things even their delivery is/was eye opening and innovative”.

Finally I asked both Evan Wecksell and Dave O’Gara whether the comic world was making them rich. Wecksell claims that “it can be as profitable as you want it to be. You can't make a living unless you work the road, i.e. college and club gigs. There's more upside when you bring your comedic skills to acting on TV, commercials, etc. I'm not after a sitcom, but I put time into my acting and auditioning for TV and commercials.”

O’Gara summed up his career by saying “I am rich with the laughter of drunken rednecks, and that's the best kind of rich there is”.

They’re young, they’re funny, and they’re live on September 16th. I recommend that you turn off the TV, unplug yourself from the computer, and go see Comedy X on Saturday night. - The Eleventh Hour Online (Georgia Southern University)

"College Testimonials"

"Definitely an awesome show. I laughed my a** off!"
- Bryant University (Smithfield, RI)

"I haven't laughed like that in months."
- SUNY Stony Brook (Stony Brook, NY)

"Great performance!!! Love to have you back!"
- James Madison University (Harrisonburg, VA)

"His facial expressions are priceless!"
- UCLA Radio (Los Angeles, CA)

"I laughed so hard at his show, I was in tears!"
- Black Hills State University (Spearfish, SD)

"Your show was awesome. You really need to come back for another."
- Rowan University (Glassboro, NJ)

"Everyone loved it. Perkins says thanks for writing a song about him, haha."
- Hampden-Sydney College (Hampden-Sydney, VA)

"Thanks for coming out and doing the show for us tonight! It was awesome!"
- Missouri State University (Springfield, MO) - EvanWecksell.com

"Comedian Arrives to Ice, Creates Delay"

By Kelly Kendall

Comedian Evan Wecksell flew into St. Louis on the afternoon of Tuesday, Jan. 27. When he arrived by 4 p.m., there was four inches of snow at St. Louis Lambert Airport. At 2 p.m., Webster University's campus closed and by 5 p.m., the event planned for 9:30 p.m. that night was moved to the same time Thursday, Jan. 29, in the University Center Sunnen Lounge.

Wecksell, who adds music to his show with the use of a guitar, traveled to Illinois for a show Wednesday before coming back to Webster Groves.
From Great Neck Long Island, New York, Wecksell graduated from Tufts University in Massachusetts, where he studied child development in psychology. He hoped to be a camp counselor for the rest of his life, but now has other aspirations.

Q: Why come to WU?
A: I am performing at SIUE (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville) Wednesday and thought "why not pack the calendar in?" I had been talking with Katie McComb in the past about getting out here, but nothing ever happen. It's good to be here.

Q: What will you do with the day and a half between rescheduled gigs?
A: I'll walk around with students at Webster tomorrow (Wednesday) and hang out and then tomorrow I'll stay at SIUE.

Q: What have some of your past shows been?
A: I'm in a frat, Theta Chi. As I moved to L.A., I started doing shows on the road so I e-mail all the schools with frats to see if I could come perform. All the guys love it when I make fun of their other brothers.

Q: You've done sports, too, right?
A: I did track and cross country in high school. I'd like to run the U.S. City marathon. I was actually on this semi-reality show called "Chase," which got me in shape. It's basically a game show where you and nine people try to out race these guys who look like Agent Smith from "The Matrix." They're in these suits, but you're wearing all this gear. It was fun, wearing the defense gear. I ended up taking the money, but I got in great shape. I was also on a pop-culture show on GSN hosted by Danny Bonaduce. I said I was a teacher because I teach one girl and help with her SATs.

Q: What do you consider your breakthrough?
A: I started doing stand up and then I made a song about a male stripper and then a song about having a baby that made no sense. For a while, I just drove around and did open mic gigs around town. Eventually I came across this club of screaming metal and emo bands. I performed a song "I Wanna be Black." I haven't performed it lately, but now (Barack) Obama's the man, and I can flaunt it! After I told the audience I was selling CDs, I had the biggest teen idol moment of my life - which is a great quote - because 40 kids ran up to me.

I've been to Missouri State University. It was another all-greek show and it ended up being much dirtier than I planned it to be. I like it to be cleaner. It's all about the moment when you're about to deliver that line, and it's like: Bam!

Q: Who's your inspiration?
A: I have two heroes: Jon Bon Jovi and Hulk Hogan. They are both very extraverted and charismatic people and they know how to hold the audiences' attention. They know how to hold a show. When I was a kid I did have pictures of Jim Carrey and Stephen Lynch on my walls. I actually just showed my wife "Liar Liar" - she'd never seen it - and what he does in that is just amazing.

Q: What about the shows you worked on with VH1 and E!?
A: That was great exposure. It's great to tell people right then that I was there. Sometimes (VH1 and E! producers) will feed you stuff, so that you're saying crass, sarcastic stuff. I was only on (VH1's) (I Love the) '80s and '70s shows for, like, five seconds. This was about the time I was just starting to tour schools. But when I came back for (I Love) Toys, we got to play with the toys, and then they told us what to say. E! actually found me. After that, I did something with Forbes, which was great because they let me do my own jokes.

Q: What's the tag line "Comedy. Melody. Stupidity." mean?
A: That's from me taking a comedy class. They make you write something like that. Sometimes my stuff was stupid in the beginnings. Stupid people might be drawn to my early stuff. The stuff I'm doing now is getting smarter, though.
I actually majored in child development and I got an assignment and I always wanted to cover Bon Jovi songs. I'm actually not that advanced of a player. I kind of like what Adam Sandler said: "All you really need to know to make a song is four chords." I printed out my own chords. Really, every comedian just wants to be a rock star.

I made this song called "The All-American Corporation Guy." It's about people who like to live in their dreams, and that's so important. You're more yourself in college than you are sitting behind a desk for eight hours. I really like making fun of Miley Cyrus. I do a great Bob Dylan, but I don't know how to put it into the show. What if Bob Dylan covered Miley Cyrus. Some schools are more apathetic. But I always connect with a handful of people. You have the 10 who walk out and the 10 who think it's OK and then the 10 who might love it. Finding something to like about someone makes life a lot easier.

Q: What can you tell me about the show Thursday?
A: I want to be really open with (the audience). I want them to be willing to shout out. If you want to scream, then scream. If you want to shout "what," then do it. Just don't fold your arms.

It'll be about an hour, maybe a little more or maybe a little less. It's a feel. It depends on the rating, whether Webster wants it kept at PG-13 or not. It's all about how you feel the crowd. You bring it up to a point and see where it goes from there.

Q: How can you read someone like that?
A: It's a lot of experience. I'm Jewish and a Scientologist. There's a tone scale with every emotion a person can feel. It has 62 emotions. I can basically look at someone and I can see right away what that person is feeling.

Q: What's next?
A: Well, on Saturday I'm trying out for "America's Got Talent." I'm performing a new David Hasselhoff song. It's so specific that it only works in one venue, but basically it's about how, because he's David Hasselhoff, he can save the world.

Q: In 20 years, what do you want your Wikipedia page to say about you?
A: In 20 years, I'd probably like to be running for office. In 2028, I will be running for president. This last election inspired me so much. I love Ron Paul. He's such a radical. I'd like to be running in office, having learned the grassroots, this kid from Great Neck, Long Island (New York). I'd like to go from being a comedian, to a speaker, to a politician. And I'd love to have a weekly radio show. Also, my wife and I did a show "College the Musical," this summer in L.A. and we want to take it on tour. Me and her play all these characters; sometimes I'm a woman and then she's a Mexican. - The Web Journal (Webster University, St Louis, MO)

"From Living Room to Computer to Campus"

By Neal Gough

Assigned reading and pop quizzes aren't funny, but comic relief will show up this Wednesday in the form of Evan Wecksell.

Wecksell will perform at 7 p.m. Wednesday in Bluff Hall as part of the Campus Activities Board's Just 4 Laughs series.

Wecksell is an up-and-coming comedian hailing from New York's famed comedy clubs and has been featured on Comedy Central's "The Gong Show" with David Attell, as well as on VH1's "I Love the Holidays," "I Love the 70's II," "I Love the 80's 3D" and "I Love Toys."

Wecksell said he enjoys the university crowd more than TV stints.

"It's more fun to entertain college students," Wecksell said. "I like being energetic and fun and having them accept that."

Wecksell started touring in 2005, doing a handful of college shows, and last year alone he performed more than 100 shows, according to his Web site, evanwecksell.com.

Wecksell has performed at colleges such as the University of California Los Angeles, Florida State University, Purdue University and Missouri State University.

At 29, Wecksell said his comedy appeals to college students.

"I'm young in general so I'm more conducive to entertain young adults," Wecksell said. "College is more real than the real world."

A staple of Wecksell's shows is his top 10 lists. During his shows Evan will put together a top 10 list of "the best things about" the specific university he is performing at that night and put it to music.

"I want to make it more personal," Wecksell said.

Wecksell said he could not reveal what his top 10 list for SIUE would contain partly because he himself does not know yet.

"I have to get there and talk to students," Wecksell said.

CAB chose to book Wecksell after Entertainment Chair Veronica Steele discovered him online.

"Evan Wecksell was a comedian I found through youtube.com," Steele said. "I search for newer, younger comedians. I thought he was really funny, and we contacted his agency to book him."

Steele said she looks for comedians to bring to campus throughout the year, and her goal is to find comedians that perform college tours.

"After watching a few of his clips and visiting his Web site, I have certainly become a fan of his work," Steele said.

The Just 4 Laughs series is free admission to all students and free drinks and snacks will be provided.

Freshman pre-pharamcy major Andrew Wegener said he appreciated CAB providing activities for students.

"It shows that (the university) actually cares that we get out there and have fun," Wegener said.

For more information about Wecksell, visit www.evanwecksell.com. - The Alestle (Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville)

"Great Neck comedian’s charity run no joking matter"


Great Neck-raised comedian Evan Wecksell hit the road literally and figuratively for his seven state Re-Run Tour while fundraising for youth rights nonprofit "Fight for Kids."
The guitar playing funny man is running the 13.1 mile half-marathon at Long Island's Festival of Races on May 1, which he is using an opportunity to raise money for the nonprofit so dear to his heart.
"I'm not on a marathon fundraising team," he said. "I just independently wanted to help out Fight for Kids. I'm already over $300 this time around."
The campaign combats the psychiatric over-drugging and labeling of children while educating and offering alternatives for concerned parents.

In 2009 when he ran the New York City Marathon, Wecksell raised more than $700 for the campaign.

A longtime tutor and former camp counselor, Wecksell wants to raise awareness about the overmedication of children.

"It becomes like a hip thing to just stamp a kid with this disorder or that syndrome," he said. "It's not necessarily the first cause you'd think of, but it shouldn't be the last."
Music lovers might remember seeing Wecksell on E! Television's "30 Outrageous Celebrity Feuds" and VH1's "I Love the 80s."

He is no stranger to long-distance running.

The Great Neck South High School graduate ran varsity track and cross-country for his Long Island alma mater and later at Tufts University.

He also trained extensively for his 2008 appearance on the SyFy game show "CHA$E," which tested contestants' ability to navigate a real-life game board while avoiding hunters.

The half-marathon is a follow-up to his 2009 New York City Marathon where he ran 3:37, beating 36,000 of the 43,000 runner field, including celebrity runners Edward Norton, Alanis Morissette, and Anthony Edwards.

"Long Island, its people and its streets are so dear to my heart," Wecksell said. "After taking time off following [the] New York [City Marathon], it was time to get back on the horse and once again put in the miles and energy towards Fight For Kids."

The Re-Run Tour took Wecksell through 12 universities, all of which he has completed dates at, with the exception of an appearance in Waltham, MA scheduled for the day after the race.

A majority of the dates were part of that school's Greek Week, an annual campus tradition where fraternities and sororities celebrate their ‘Greek-dom' with a variety of games, competitions and outside speakers.

A portion of sales from his album "Lol" at all shows benefit "Fight for Kids."
Although he grew up in Great Neck, today Wecksell lives in North Hollywood with his wife of nearly five years, fellow Great Neck South High graduate Kelly Meyersfield.

Despite graduating one year apart from the same high school, the two did not meet until after graduation.

"I met my wife at the train station in Great Neck," he said. "We were the only 20 somethings still living with their parents in Great Neck."

A fellow performer, when Meyersfield moved to the West Coast, Wecksell followed. He is quick to point out his status as "bi-coastal."

"Because I have so many gigs on the East Coast, it's almost like I'll spend at least a third of the year back in Great Neck," he said. "I go back to my family, and that will be my hub for doing gigs on the eastern U.S."

Meyersfield is more actress than comedian, but the husband-wife team perform a musical comedy they wrote together, "College The Musical: A Musical About College."

"I'm a full-time comedian, but I'd say 90 percent of my time is spent trying to get the gigs or working out my travel," he said. "I like being on the stage, but I have a sitcom that I want to put my attention on."

There are many ways to be a comedian, but working the college scene keeps him busy.

"The college thing works and it's definitely something I can do for at least the next several years," he said. "I'm okay for another decade I guess.

I've seen other college comedians who are older than me. I guess you have to keep doing the shows to keep yourself relevant."

To donate, go to www.funnyevanmarathon.com or mail checks made payable to CCHR to 6616 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90028 Attention: Tulia / Fight for Kids. - The Island Now / The Great Neck News

""It's Great To Be Greek" Lecture Outline"

Evan Wecksell (www.greeklifecomedy.com)
Greek Life Mini-Lecture

I. Introduction
- Finding Theta Chi
- Taking responsibility

II. How I helped Greek Life
- Undergrad house positions: Philanthropy, Chaplain
- Alumni Secretary, Alumni President (since 2002)
i. Reactivated alumni via newsletters
ii. Settled national debt and oil bill lawsuit
iii. Created an alumni fund

III. How Greek Life helped me (and gave me my career)
- Finding comedy and getting known
- The move to Los Angeles
- From temp to touring comedian thanks to the helping hand

IV. How Greek Life can help each of you in the present and future
- Networking: Can be defined as using, keeping and developing relationships that can help you in the future

- The Steps of Networking
i. Know what you want to do
ii. Target the people who may help you
iii. Find a way to reach them
iv. Let them know who you are
1. What do you need?
2. What are they looking for?
3. See how you can help them

- Why Greek Life is superior to college life
i. Majors vs job listings
ii. Real world responsibilities from Greek responsibilities
1. Promote clubs (social chair)
2. Media/Web Design/Graphic Design (pr or rush chair)
3. Manage real estate (house manager)
4. Want to be a leader (president)
5. Run a business (treasurer)
a. Hats off to the treasurer
b. Most important position of any Greek organization

V. How to guarantee greek life on campus…
- Support the ideas and personalities of other members
i. Get your members to show up
ii. Work with other chapters
iii. Work with other collectives

- Know your school's attitude toward greek life (play the game)
- Keep producing constructive events
i. recruitment
ii. social
iii. philanthropy * (leads to chapter invincibility) - Evan Wecksell

"Comedian Evan Wecksell Announces College Tour to Coincide with Marathon Training, Fundraising"

Great Neck, NY - August 22, 2009 - Maybe feverishly touring colleges and living out of a suitcase was not enough of a challenge for Comedian Evan Wecksell. Well, he is about to find out how challenging it is touring a country while training for a marathon.

Beginning Sunday, August 23, the guitar-playing comedian who most recently performed on "America's Got Talent" in front of David Hasselhoff, Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan, will embark on his 2009 Run Evan Run Tour.

At press time, the tour takes Wecksell through 15 states, which includes a stretch from September 9-12 where he will perform four shows in four states over four days. He will be taking the stage in a variety of capacities.

He will once again be supporting his Theta Chi Fraternity's recruitment efforts with an August 25 show at Nebraska Wesleyan University and a September 19 show at Westminster College. On September 17 at Alma College, he will promote Greek Life during the school's Greek Carnival.

"All of us at Alma are really excited to have Evan," says Breann White, Panhellenic Council Special Events Chair. "It will be a fun addition to our Carnival."

Still supporting Jewish organizations, Wecksell will head down to Gainesville, Florida on September 7 to be a part of the Jewish Student Union's Welcome Week at University of Florida.

A majority of Evan's shows will be for the general student body, which will play a big part in welcoming them back to campus.

"We can engage our students early and get them excited about the new year," explains Tegan Viggers, Coordinator of Student Activities and Intramurals at Culver-Stockton College.

A new addition to Evan's performance schedule is that he will join wife and actress Kelly Meyersfield on stage for performances of "College The Musical: A Musical About College."

Written by Meyersfield and Wecksell, the two-person show features their original songs performed around the story of a freshman girl who goes off to college and experiences the drama of college life. The musical comedy touches on such issues as casual sex, alcoholism and sexually-transmitted diseases.

"College" debuts at Muskingum College in New Concord, Ohio on August 23. However, due to Evan's tour kickoff at Martin Methodist College in Pulaski, Tennessee that same day, Meyersfield casted Actor Will McFadden for the show's debut performance.

What makes this tour different from past ones is that Evan will also dedicate time to training for the ING New York City Marathon which takes place on November 1.

"I hadn't been running that much, because I didn't have something to train for," explains Wecksell. "This is a big something."

Long-distance running is no stranger to Wecksell who ran varsity track and cross-country at Great Neck South High School and later on at Tufts University. He also trained extensively for his 2008 appearance on the Sci-Fi reality game show "CHA$E."

Wecksell also will take his marathon experience to the next level by fundraising concurrently for "Fight for Kids," a campaign launched by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), a non-profit public benefit organization. The campaign combats the psychiatric over-drugging and labeling of children while educating and offering alternatives for concerned parents.

The fundraising campaign has already garnered support from Evan's family, friends and fellow artists.

"This is such an important cause," affirms Anthony d'Mattia, also known as Long Island singer/songwriter fIZ. "It is so rewarding to give back and help children."

To take his cause online, Evan set up www.funnyevanmarathon.com. He will also be selling "College The Musical: A Musical About College" soundtracks at all his shows to benefit "Fight for Kids."

2009 Run Evan Run Tour [confirmed dates]

Sunday, August 23 - Martin Methodist College, Pulaski, TN
Tuesday, August 25 - Nebraska Wesleyan University, Lincoln, NE*
Friday, August 28 - Washington University, St Louis, MO
Saturday, August 29 - Culver-Stockton College, Canton, MO
Tuesday, September 1 - East Stroudsburg University, East Stroudsburg, PA
Thursday, September 3 - Husson College, Bangor, ME
Monday, September 7 - University of Florida, Gainesville, FL***
Wednesday, September 9 - Becker College, Worcester, MA
Thursday, September 10 - Thomas College, Waterville, ME
Friday, September 11 - Mercyhurst College, Erie, PA
Saturday, September 12 - SUNY Geneseo, Geneseo, NY
Wednesday, September 16 - Loyola University, Chicago, IL****
Thursday, September 17 - Alma College, Alma, MI**
Saturday, September 19 - Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA*
Wednesday, September 23 - WPI, Worcester, MA**
Friday, September 25 - Goucher College, Baltimore, MD
Friday, October 2 - Clemson University, Clemson, SC
Thursday, October 8 - University of Maine, Presque Isle, ME****
Wednesday, October 14 - University of Texas-Pan American, Edinburgh, TX
Friday, November 20 - Mercer County Community College, Princeton, NJ****

* Theta Chi Event
** Greek Life Event
*** Jewish Student Union Event
**** College The Musical: A Musical About College (w/ Kelly Meyersfield)

About Evan Wecksell:
Comedian and Singer-Songwriter Evan Wecksell is one of the funniest and most energetic performers to emerge from New York's comedy clubs and musical venues. Often compared to comedic superstars Adam Sandler and Stephen Lynch, Evan's act is a blend of comedy and music that celebrates the college experience, makes fun of relationships, and pays tribute to Miley Cyrus. Recently signed to National Lampoon Records, his comedy has been played on radio stations all over the world including the nationally syndicated Dr. Demento Radio Show. Evan has also appeared on such pop-culture shows as VH1's "I Love the 80s" and E! Television's "30 Most Outrageous Celebrity Feuds." He is represented by DCA Productions at www.dcaproductions.com. For complete tour information, visit www.EvanWecksell.com.

About Fight for Kids:
"Fight For Kids" is a campaign launched by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), a non-profit public benefit organization that has been the most effective international group to help achieve legislative protections against abusive psychiatric treatment and drugging of children. For more information on Fight for Kids, visit www.fightforkids.org, and to assist Evan in his fundraising, visit www.funnyevanmarathon.com.
- The Open Press, Inc.

"Peer Testimonials"

"Evan is equal parts Stephen Lynch and Jerry Seinfeld:
stand-up and guitar-based comedy at its finest."
-Rick Eberle, CEO Popcore Entertainment

"Evan Wecksell is a one-of-a-kind comedian and singer/songwriter. Every show is spontaneous and his visual expressions are something you don't want to miss. Very few performers can pull off what Evan does naturally - Pure entertainment!"
- Larry Oakes, Producer, NYSongwriters.com

"Evan is methodical about his approach to writing and performing, and is always looking to learn more. Couple that with a positive attitude and the fact that he's got a guitar, and it's just a matter of time."
- Steve Hofstetter, Author/Columnist/Comedian

".... the Stephen Lynch of the Long Island music scene."
- Aural Fix Magazine

"Evan's observational humor combined with his issue-focused cleverness explode into a cackling exercise for the listener who will no doubt miss a couplet or two having drowned out the CD with the sound of his own laughter!"
- Jennifer L. Pricci, Music Writer, Chorus & Verse

"Evan Wecksell is a sadistic, twisted bastard.
I think he is hysterical!"
- Harlan Friedman, Music Director, The Box 107.1

"Wecksell has a twisted mind, and a good sense of melody. I admire both of those traits."
- Richard Hughes, President, Long Island Music Coalition

"He's a brave, intelligent, handsome, kind, authentic & a funny motherf*****."
- Seth Davis, Singer/Songwriter

"He brings comedy, talent and awe to all that watch."
- Crayon Media Productions

"He's the funniest, most adorable guy ever! If you've never seen him live, you are totally missing out!"
-Kelly Meyersfield, Actress/Singer/Songwriter

-Larry Oakes, Producer, NYSongwriters.com

"Comedy that is funny, intelligent, a little poignant, and musical to boot."
- Craig Lincoln, Singer/Songwriter

"Evan Wecksell entertains audiences. He makes people laugh. He makes me laugh. Isn't that just the point!?"
- Josh Hyman, Comedian - EvanWecksell.com


LOL (2010)
-label- uproar entertainment
Attack of the Cougar [Single] (2008)
For The Mortgage (2007)
Brokeback Mountain [Single] (2006)
Live at the Bitter End (2005)
Finding Myself (2004)



".... incredibly smart, charismatic and hysterical on stage. He is so easy to deal with, which is crucial in the comedy business." - Gotham Comedy Club, NYC

They don't make them like Evan Wecksell anymore.

As one of the funniest and most energetic performers to emerge from New York's comedy clubs and musical venues, Comedian and Singer/Songwriter Evan Wecksell is often compared to comedic superstars Adam Sandler and Stephen Lynch.

Evan's act, a blend of comedy, music and improvisation, celebrates the college experience, endorses internet addiction and makes fun of bad music.

Evan developed his act by studying some of New York City's best known comedians. Soon, Evan was performing alongside some of these very influences including The Tonight Show's Mitch Fatel and Last Comic Standing's Jessica Kirson, to name a few. On his native Long Island, Evan developed a following hosting music nights and playing sets at Governor's Comedy Cabaret, The Downtown and Munchaba Lounge.

After becoming a three-time Long Island Laff-Off Finalist and releasing his live CD, Live at the Bitter End, Evan relocated to Los Angeles in March 2005. The move paid off that fall when he made his national television debut on VH1's "I Love the 80s 3D," and returned to VH1 the next year by appearing on "I Love the 70s II" and "I Love Toys."

Evan's comedy songs also began receiving consistent airplay on various radio outlets including XM, Sirius and the nationally syndicated Dr. Demento Radio Show. Radio favorites included "Brokeback Mountain," a song that gained popularity leading up to the 2006 Academy Awards, and "Attack of the Cougar," an edgy laugher that coincided with the release of "Sex and the City" in May 2008. Radio appearances included Playboy Radios "Afternoon Advice" and WZLXs Karlson & McKenzie morning show in Boston.

The following summer Evan offered commentary on E! Television's "Forbes Celebrity 100: Who Made Bank" and later reprised his talking head role on "30 Most Outrageous Celebrity Feuds." He followed those appearances by flaunting in knowledge of "Terminator 2" on AMCs Cinemania."

As Evan's television appearances grew so did his performance schedule. Last year Evan performed over 100 shows, including stops at 50 colleges including a showcase selection for NACA's Mid-Atlantic Festival. He was also selected by Campus Activities Magazine as "Hot Comedian for 2009."

In the summer of 2009, Evan taped Season 4 of NBC's "Americas Got Talent" and also worked on his first feature film, "Columbus Circle," a thriller starring Jason Lee and Amy Smart.

Last fall, Evan began touring not only as a solo act (and Greek Life speaker), but also as part of College The Musical: A Musical About College, an original musical comedy he produced and starred in with his wife, actress and comedienne Kelly Meyersfield. The show debuted in Ohio in August 2009 and continues to tour.

This spring, Evan released his first full length album through Uproar Entertainment. The album, titled "LOL," is a compilation of studio and live tracks. Next fall, Evan will hit the road again to promote his record. For more information on Evan and to purchase his CDs, visit www.EvanWecksell.com.