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Powerful Contemporary Classical and New Age piano performances by a composer who radiates love, romance and hopefulness, receiving International acclaim. Incorporates a live string trio on select pieces in new release, and a humanitarian statement with the spoken quotes of Nobel Peace Prize Winners.


Music From The Heart For Those Who Have Heart.

Evan writes music based on life experiences, and the result is nothing short of stunning! The melodies are beautifully crafted and inspiring, and the playing is deep-rooted in the heartfelt tradition of pianists."

Canadian composer and solo concert pianist is currently residing in Los Angeles.

My years of effort to hone my performance skills and tap into the great harmonic vibration that encompasses us all began in a small Canadian city named Brandon with the Conservatory of Music. It was there, at age 7, that my musical odyssey began -- a journey of love that has taken me from Canada to the United States and Europe with ties to East Asia. My teachers kept me focused, which helped me win first-place awards in classical competitions and recognition as a gifted young pianist with a beautiful touch. Playing saxophone in the city school band and oboe in the city orchestra for 7 years, also expanded my musical horizons.

After graduating, jobs included designing a music program for pre-schoolers, playing piano with a traveling theater troupe and providing accompaniment for a free-style dance class with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. After three years of additional training with two mentors (classical and jazz) in Winnipeg, and a desire to establish respect as a composer in the entertainment industry, led to my audition and being accepted at the private Dick Grove School of Music in Los Angeles. Where my real "work" began with funding provided by the Manitoba and Canadian Government in Ottawa. Composing and arranging for Big Band and up to 72-piece orchestra were priorities at this school, where studying the 20 styles of "The American Sound" broadened my understanding of traditional music and its performance with professional musicians.

In the late 1980s, gigs at various 5 star hotels from Coconut Grove, Florida to Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, special VIP engagements, performances in conjunction with Hollywood walk of fame star inauguration parties and writing for film and TV in a variety of genres provided valuable musical insights.

In France during the mid 1990s, my effort to establish myself as an artist resulted in numerous concert dates, billed as, La passion dun romantique - translated to, The passion of a romantic. My two-year stay in France, also garnered praise from various arts sources and critics, and included consultations with several impresarios and influential people in the world of European music.

Returning to the US, I once again took on some writing projects and private instruction with the esteemed Dr. Yakov Birman from Russia's St. Petersburg Conservatory in The Art of Performance and Birman taught me to be aware of every note before it is played. Absorbing his technique profoundly altered my musical approach and creative direction. Classical study focused on J.S. Bach (Sinfonien), Chopin (Paderewski Nocturnes & Studies), Haydn Operas (Samtliche Klaviersonaten) and Czerny (The School of Velocity).

In 2004, the culmination of my life-long infusion of knowledge, practice, technique and writing resulted in my Dbut album of 13 solo piano compositions, "Lullaby of Love." A Debut at #3 on the global New Age charts with a Grammy nod in Best of Album category in 2005. It was produced by Grammy nominee Peter Granet and recorded live in the studio in 8 hours. That was followed in 2010 by the Granet-produced "Forget-me-not, blue" which received critical acclaim, artist features, editorials, widespread global radio airplay, numerous 5 Star reviews, Pick of the Week (CT.) and CD of the Week in The Netherlands.

Recorded as solo piano with live strings on select pieces and the addition of a Humanitarian statement with the spoken words of Nobel Peace Prize recipients, it rated a Top 10 for 3 months and a Top 100 for 6 months. Recognized in 2011 by the Grammys in 3 Best of Album categories and with the Hollywood Music in Media Awards - Officially Nominated for the title track in its Classical/Orchestral category for the piece "Forget-me-not, blue."



Written By: Evan Wish-inspiration notes

I received an E-mail one evening from my daughter Tara. Dear Dad…she had decided to take matters into her own hands and was sharing her decision. As an absent father my feelings overwhelmed me. Relieved that she was making a decision and for her health. A year before I was able to feel satisfied with the music and call it completed.

(Marcy) - Orchestration: I tried to have the strings reflect that the song was written for Evan's daughter and he had commented that he wrote it with a dialogue in mind between a father and daughter. So we have the juxtaposition of higher and lower voices in a conversation.

And, What If

Written By: Evan Wish-inspiration notes

I am glad now, that I wrote this piece and dedicated my first album to my father. I knew that my father had 3-5 years to live. Lyrically, I am always asking the question ”and what if” that brought the flow and rhythm to the verse.

And what if I would turn and see your face? And what if…. it goes on forever asking questions and it didn’t matter what came to mind, I just asked. Because, I know he will not be here, so my “what ifs” are the questions I ask myself (will I remember, will I be searching for your memory) now as I am composing and trying to accept the inevitable, time is passing.

What Will Man's Legacy Be?

Written By: Evan Wish-spoken words-inspiration notes

* Featuring Spoken word in: * What will man’s legacy be?

- Kenneth Little Hawk – Oh Great Spirit and the vocal chanting

- Mahatma Gandhi -
"The future depends on what we do in the present"
“There is no path to peace, peace is the path"
“In matters of conscience the law of majority has no place."

- Martin Luther King –
"Our days begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."
"Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it."
"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle."

- Gautama Buddha –
"Overcome the angry by non-anger."
"Overcome the wicked by goodness."
"Overcome the liar by truth.”

- Mother Theresa –
"Intense love does not measure, it just gives."
"To allow children to go hungry and neglected is the worst crime of all."
"We are created to love and to be loved."

Against all odds, these individuals devoted their lives to freeing the world of suffering. They chose to do and say the truth about the quality of daily life and to live their lives dedicated to it.

I incorporated the spoken words of these Nobel Peace Prize winners to describe the human condition in the musical piece, What will man’s legacy be? These individuals dedicated their lives to freeing the world of suffering and to say the truth about the quality of daily life. I also added a Native American Indian chanting, an Israeli singer, singing “God and Amen” in Hebrew and Arabic, Persian hand drummer, a large African drum and a military marching drummer of the USC Trojan Marching Band.

We have created such wonders throughout the ages on this planet. So is it any wonder that a man or women would stand, and speak out one day down through the ages because they knew they had to, for (all of) humanity? Who are the ones today? The words of wisdom were already spoken, and they are beautiful and moving. I wanted to bring the world into the musical arrangement, the words and the American Indian…

(Marcy) - Orchestration: This song is the 21st century plea for the same thing students and activists yearned for in the 70's-- world concern for survival of the planet and most of all, peace. Hopefully, in this era the plea will be heard.

When Do Miracles Happen?

Written By: Evan Wish-inspiration notes

It is awhile now that I composed this piece and wanted to include it in this record. When “do” (?) miracles happen because I really needed one. My legal status living in the US was in question. So I played the piano… and this happened. If here was not my home and I cannot feel safe, and I am not in Canada, where was my home? Where am I legal, I felt like I had no home, no place. Now, I have my green card and after many years (that is another story) everything is fine, miracles do happen.

Quietly I Say, All Things Happen

Written By: Evan Wish-lyrics/inspiration notes

“It is too dark to see out, but I can see for miles. I can see all days, gone by. Loving moments the two of us shared. Togetherness only two can know. A newborn child was born this day… and quietly I say, all things happen. (Wish4Music)

After 3 1/2 days and nights on a “bus” from Los Angeles to Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada… I am finally arriving. As we continue to the bus terminal, the lights are dim inside the bus and I look out at the December winter city night, and everything looks cold. Steam is rising from vehicle exhausts, Christmas lights are everywhere, and snow and ice is on everything. As I continued to look out the window, I saw my reflection in the glass, and I looked at me and no longer saw outside. The above words just flooded into me...

I fly back to the US to start my 2nd year at music school and after 10 days celebrating holidays with family… walk into my apartment, sit at the piano and compose the whole piece in a much longer form, (14 minutes of music on cassette) in one sitting. I am recalling the words from the bus; I recall moments of the ten days. I become over -whelmed with emotion, the music continues to flow and I am completely caught up... more and more emotions, till they were too much and had I to stop playing, I had to get up and leave the piano, as it was all too much.

I Love You, Or Something Like That

Written By: Evan Wish-inspiration notes

Love… am, I in love? Emotion, this will certainly inspire my creativity... because I am not really saying it as it is, or something like that. I must be because I am writing a love song, or using the emotions to inspire another song about love? There is also playfulness and that comes from this time as I am also writing for pre school children developing music programs.

(Marcy) - Orchestration: A happy song with a touch of melancholy.... or something like that.

Angels Are Near

Written By: Evan Wish-inspiration notes

I imagined them coming closer, to comfort, to respond to a calling out. Perhaps with so much that is going on in the world (with war) families losing loved ones. That “angels are near“ they come closer to hear the ones who are calling out for strength. There has been a lot of calling out… from events and personal situations of these recent years.

This was actually the first musical idea I had with the Tara e-mial, as they came to me only three days apart. However I finished Tara first.

I had to work on this because it didn’t feel right. The music I played with my right hand - ended up in the left hand. The left hand melody - ended up now, in the right hand. Once I got it straight (took awhile) the rest started to take shape. There are 5 different parts or sections to this composition and generally a song is verse, chorus, bridge.

Walking On Water

Written By: Evan Wish-inspiration notes

If all I have and are left with, is hope and am truly lost into it… and this hope has been carrying me. How can I deny then, in a single moment, a situation that will change everything, all of a sudden... in a moment I am living and feeling, again. I will feel, like I am walking on water.

Three Times To The Right, You Will Find What You Are Looking For

Written By: Evan Wish-inspiration notes

This is a metaphor. If I walk around the block in a big city, (any location is fine) and turn right at the corners three times, I will come upon where I started my search. What I find is myself, but I am not the same person now. I found what I was looking for. The journey is 3 blocks that might have taken 10 minutes or 30 years. I think everyone should start the journey of three times to the right to find what he or she is looking for. Because they will as it is in the journey.

(Marcy) - Orchestration: The concept for me was when turning three times to the right; one is back to the starting point. I thought of this as a joyous eventuality, the process being everything. The choruses reflect that optimism in the brook-like babbling interplay of the 3 stringed instruments.

Forget-Me-Not, Blue

Written By: Evan Wish-inspiration notes

Legend has it that in medieval times, a knight and his lady were walking along the side of a river. He picked a posy of flowers, but because of the weight of his armor he fell into the river. As he was drowning he threw the posy to his loved one and shouted "Forget-me-not."

My intuition told me this would be a great title for the new piece I was writing and as the title for the album. So I listened, but I had to add blue, because that is how I am sometimes. This is the perfect example of what happens when I am at the piano, time and time again to compose, to feel the music. This piece feels like the total sum, my all, of everything from these past few years, but I didn’t know it at the time as I always push the emotions while inspired. I knew the photo had to be of me, where, I stand at the door… I am waiting for the door to open and let me in. The bouquet of roses I have in my hands have a big blue ribbon, the romantic touch.

(Marcy) - Orchestrator: This song is nostalgic and very romantic. I started and ended with a plaintive violin and built the middle around what I imagined was a Celtic-sounding waltz, harkening to old European roots.


• Forget-Me-Not, Blue (Nov. 2010/2011) -
Theme: May we each in our own way do what is right for humanity and the planet.

10 tracks of Contemporary Classical instrumental music, a Top 10 for 3 months and a Top 100 for 6 months. Receiving 19 - 5 Star Reviews, Editorials and Artist Features on the Radio, with descriptions of Evocative, New and Exceptional.
(Charts - #6 Nov. and #3 in Dec. 2010. Jan 2011 with a #4, Feb/March Top 20, and #49 in April 2011.

"Official Nomination in 2011" - Hollywood Music in Media Awards for the title track Forget-me-not, blue in Classical/Orchestral genre.

Featured track is, "What Will Man’s Legacy Be?"
A humanitarian statement by featuring the spoken words of Nobel Peace Prize Winners of Gandhi, Buddha, Mother Theresa and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., as well as North American Indian chanting, world percussion elements, military drumming beats and a Israeli female singing “God and Amen” in Hebrew and Arabic.

Forget-me-not, blue is a Union recorded album and performed on a 7‘ 4“ Bosendorfer Grand Piano. Five pieces are solo piano and a string trio (violin, viola, cello) accompanies me on the other 5 pieces. Reprising my work with Grammy Nominee Peter Granet as engineer/producer, recorded and mixed at Firehouse Recording Studio in Pasadena, Ca., with the final touch of Bernie Becker Mastering. It doesn’t get any better than this in terms of production value to present my music.

Highlight of release was the invitation only solo performance in Cannes, France at the MIDEM Music Conference, Jan 2011, for industry executives also attending were the French media and invited guests organized by Esp-Rit Muzik booking in Lyon, France and Chateauneuf de Pape wine as the sponsor.

• Lullaby of Love - Debut Release (Dec 2004/2005)
Theme: Music is a bridge from the heart to the soul.

13 songs of Contemporary Classical and New Age solo piano music. A Debut on the charts is a #3 in Dec 2004 and Jan 2005, retaining a Top 10 for 3 more months, a Top 100 for 5 months into 2005. NARAS consideration in the Grammy Awards in Best Album category in 2005.

A Live studio performance recorded in one day and in 8 hours, recorded in Audiophile by Peter Granet.
“Audiophile” recordings are made with no special effects whatsoever and recorded directly to the master disc in real time.

Featured on Fine Arts Radio, show hosted by Mr. Dick Hageman on “New Music Gallery“ covering much of Connecticut and parts of adjacent New York state on WMNR, WGRS, WGSK & WRXC.

Wish has crafted a style bridging Classical and New Age Music, bravo to Evan Wish and his “Lullaby of Love” album.

Set List

The music falls into the genres of Contemporary Classical, New Age and the occasional Jazz composition. Critically acclaimed receiving 5 Star reviews, Officially Nominated in 2011 and Top 10 on the charts for numerous months.

My goal is to consistently and radiantly exemplify the very best these musical genres have to offer. To do that, I strive to convey the truth of who I am with my show and songs that reflect not only my own feelings, but also those of people everywhere.

To perform in venues which amplify my caring concern about the emotional well being of each and every listener. In this regard, my performances and comments afterwards, have repeatedly confirmed my track record of "connecting" on a deeper level.

Collective chart ratings for my two releases are a Top 10 for 6 months and top 100 for 11 months. A total of 23 pieces, 96 minutes of playing time which increases as I may improvise on some of the pieces. Plus my banter with