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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Berliner Zeitung"

The floating diaphony of the Bulgarian folklore music which is producing melodius sound from parallel seconds – these were sounds which – we don’t know how – impart an amazing presence to the old myth of music as a universal language. - Wolfgang Fuhrmann

"Passau Nachrichten"

‘The listeners let themselves be thrilled and electrified with this mediating and striking music. The impressive style of singing of the four young singers made us believe to listen to only one, mulilayered voice – despite the four part singing.’ - Alexandra Kolbeck

"Göttinger Tageblatt"

’With the diaphoning music of this unique quartet sounds separate from each other and meet again. For the untrained listener these micro intervals might sound dissonant at the beginning. However, they first impart thrill and thus life to the music.’ - Udo Hinz

"Schaumburger Nachrichten"

The harmonious singing of the four women revealed an astonishing wealth of coulours and facettes. From a dense polyphone network harmonious blocks are developing which, however, never appeared static ... The fragile beautiful sound, the powerful rhythms and melody runs came along easily and naturally ... The four perfectly-trained voices were of one piece and seemed to be one sounding body. - Schaumburger Nachrichten

"Mathias Nofze"

Folk songs in their origin or compositions, new as well as arranged contemporarily, which combine the harsh beauty of the folk music together with the skillful compositional style and sound rafinesse. The sound of the ensemble was an exciting cooperation and competition of very individual voices. - General-Anzeiger Bonn

"Leipziger Volkszeitung"

Beguiling like the singing of Homer’s sirens in the Odyssee, the sound threads of their simple, unmoduled voices wrap up heart and brain. Overwhelming modesty of great voices - Leipziger Volkszeitung

"Prof. Nikolai Kaufmann"

In some songs we nearly ‚see’ the content, artistically played by the swinging voices of the singers. Corresponding to the song, the arrangement and the original region of the song, they even change the sound, the colour of the voice in order to reach to the atmosphere of the landscape. It is a ‘bunch of different flowers’ which sometimes sound friendly, sometimes tragical, but also lyrical and satirical. - Prof. Nikolai Kaufmann


Still working on that hot first release.



The Eva Quartet consists of some of the best Bulgarian female voices - the four young solo singers (after a strong selection from thousand applicants) of the world famous female folk choir "Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares". Here the different voices are meeting in such a virtuosity that you are getting the feeling of listening to just one voice.
The group was spontaneously founded by the four women in 1995 and they immediately found a common language and interests. Thus, an unadultered atmosphere was developing at concerts and the audience often had the impression of listening to one multilayered voice. The singers are in command of a very virtuous and very impressive style of singing which is based on an excellent technique.
The repertoire of the quartet comprises authentic folklore songs from different parts of Bulgaria.
They are looking for the purety and primarity of the song while reading tradition in a very modern and varied way.

The whole programme of the quartet contains of old Bulgarian music and church hymns as well as modern music. The quartet also plays with jazz musicians as Veselin Nikolov and Antoni Donchev and with modern composers like Krassimir Kjurkchiski.
EVA Quartet also worked with: Trio Mediaeval; VeDaKi Group; Haig Yazdjian; A Filletta; Elbtonal Schlagwerk etc.
The singers experiment with modern sounds like Drum´n Bass and Ambient and have already recorded a Remix.

In summer 2000 they took part in the project “Magic Voices“ of the Tanz & Folklore Festival in Rudolstadt (ZDF / 3 SAT / Deutschlandfunk) which found much interest.
In 2002 EVA Quartet took part in a very special vocal project with the VeDaKi Group and Haig Yazdjian.
In 2003 they made recordings for the soundtrack of the new Polish movie “Stara Basn” / music by Krzesimir Debski.
In 2003 and 2004 EVA Quartet took part in a big project of Jeunesse Vienna with Camerata Salzburg, Fanfare Ciocarlia and Muzsikas with Marta Sebestyen.
From 2005 Eva Quartet work on a new special project with Hector Zazou.
2007 Eva Quartet took part on the Danube Music Festival in a very special project with the famous violin players Gilles Apap and Zoltan Lantos.
In summer 2007 Eva Quartet work together on a special project with Banda Adriatica.
Moreover, the quartet released two albums „Bulgarian Folklore Gifts“ (Orpheus Music) and „Harmonies“ (Kuker Music). The Austrian music magazine Concerto called the album ‘Harmonies’ ‘the most beautiful CD of Bulgarian female voices’.
For the fourth album of the choir "Le mystére des voix bulgares" the producer Marcel Cellier decided for four solo songs of the quartet.


Hofkonzerte / Podewil Berlin 2000; Tanz & Folkfestival Rudolstadt 2000; Project “Magic Voices“; Voice Mania / Vienna 2000; Vokal Total / Munich 2000; Folksherbst / Plauen 2000; Project “Voices“ Fest der Kontinente / Berlin 2001; Acappella Festival / Burghof Lörrach 2002; Fest der Träume / Würzburg 2002; Linz Fest / Linz 2002 (with Balanescu Quartet); WDR Weltfestival / Bonn 2002; Vokal Festival / Düsseldorf 2002 (with Miriam Makeba); Chants Polyphoniques de Calvi / Corsica 2002 (with A Filletta); Krems 2002 (with Trio Mediaeval); XONG Festival / Mals 2003; Bad Wildungen Folk im Schloss 2003; Nürnberg Bardentreffen 2003; Jeunesse / Vienna 2003 (with Marta Sebestien); Festival de Musica Eivissa Clasica / Ibiza 2003; Festival Sacred Music / München 2003; Osterfestival Tirol / Hall 2004; Stemmenfestival Antwerpen / 2004; Quedlinburger Musiksommer / 2004; Lodz Film Project / 2004; Vilnius World Music Festival 2004; Polyfollia Saint Lo / 2004; Jeunesse / München 2004 (with Marta Sebestien); Vienna Voice Mania / 2004 Acapella Festival; 2005 International Choral Festival / Cork; Drogheda Arts Festival 2005; Jazz Festival Bray 2005; Appenzell A-Cappella-Festival 2006; Rouen Voix De Fete 2006; Vaasa 2006, Mayo 2006, Ulm Donaufestival 2006, Munich Klaviersommer 2006, Lund Vocal Festival 2006; Danube Music Festival / Danube River 2007 (Project with Zoltan Lantos and Gilles Apap); New Music Festival / Ulm 2007; Made Festival / Umea 2007 / La Notte della Taranta Festival (Project with Banda Adriatica) 2007; Niedersächsischen Musiktagen 2007; Le Voci dell Anima, Bari 2007; Cagliari Festival 2008; Segni & Sezze (Roma) Easter Festival 2008; Torres Vedras Festival 2008; London Balkanfeever Festival 2008; etc.

EVA QUARTET perform concerts in places like:

Amsterdam Concertgebouw; Rotterdam De Doelen; Alden Biesen; Bruxelles Musikpublique; Antwerpen Zuiderpershuis; Esch Luxemburg Kulturfabrik; Vienna, Konzerthaus & Sargfabrik; Wels Church; Krems Minoritenkirche; Berlin Church; Ulm Dom; Munich Allerheiligen Hofkirche; Elmau Schloss; Stuttgart Theaterhaus; Quedlinburg Nikolaikirche; Leipzig Gewandhaus; Dublin; Rouen Church; Saint Lo Church; Caen Église Notre-Dame de la Gloriette; Bern Bee Flat; Zürich Moods etc.

EVA QUARTET tour & perform in follow contries:

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Bel