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The roots of the band started growing in the past century. In 1998 the founders of the upcoming band Candela from the north of Czech republic, Pepa and Olaf met in a band Skrat. Pavel Karban, our first drummer, left the three-member band after one year. Olaf asked his friend Martin Ciprián to play drums with us and he agreed. Only one guitar wasn´t enough for us anymore so we started looking for someone talented. After a short time Standa Popelka knocked on our door with a guitare on his back and he not only became a member, but also brought a name for the band, Candela. But there were still two members missing, a keyboard player and a singer.
In the end of 1999 we finally found talented, qualifiable man with keyboard skills, Martin Hendrych and short after that Olaf got a contact at a singer from Chøibská (Pavel Michek). We invited him, we listened to him and he was ours. We were finally complete. After learning six songs we were invited to present our production. Our biggest success during that time was when we had a chance to play at a metal festival in Czech republic called „Svìt nerezové oceli“ in 2000.
After some time Standa left us, we had to adjust our songs for just five players. Martin Hendrych moved to Prague to study a school so we became again unable to perform. After one year of unsuccessfull search for missing members Martin Ciprián decided to leave and so did Pavel.
We (Olaf and Pepa) tried to continue our musical carriers in different bands from Prague but it wasn´t our cup of tea (begining 2002). I brought a drummer (Martin Husák) from my band and Olaf came with his guitarist (Michal „Lanc“ Cechner) and we founded a new band. Eva, our present singer, was between the candidates for singing but she wasn´t so good at that time. We started to rehearse in Martin´s garage near Prague but after half a year Martin left us and we were forced to move with the band to the north again (end of 2002).
In May 2003 we found a good drummer Libor Køivánek. We moved again near Prague to practice in his cottage in village called Hole. Candela´s members were: Olaf – bass, Pepa – guitare, Lanc – guitare, Libor – drums and Pavel – vocal. In August 2003 we had a first concert and in October we found a new fantastic keyboard player Honza Cinert.
Libor and Lanc left us unexpectably in June 2004. We had lots of plans so this was almoust a disaster for us. It was our singer Pavel who found in his musical contacts a very young perspective drummer Vláïa. He was only 15 when he joined Candela. We contacted our former guitarist Standa Popelka if he would play with us. He said yes but he stayed with us only 2 months. He was replaced by Tomáš Matula who has stayed with us to the present time. In March 2005 we started to perform again. We had a break since May till September because of Vláïa´s tenontitis.
In February 2006 we started recording of our debut album. We recorded only the instruments because we did not have an appropriate singer. Pavel had health problems with his vocal cords. In summer 2006 we played with a guest singer Katka from a band Desideria.
In February 2007, between the singers who were interested to sing with us, was Eva again and we found her as a best choice. It proved to be right because she was able to record already in summer the same year. First album Fear is out from 11.11.2008