Eva Universe

Eva Universe

 Los Angeles, California, USA


Since Eva Universe’s days as a little girl jamming out to Britney Spears, singing Christina Aguilera hits in her bedroom mirror, and rocking to the tunes of nineties boy bands, the California girl had an unstoppable passion for dance music. Now Eva’s all grown up and forward-bound to be one of the hottest names in contemporary music.

Her sound allows you to escape into a dream world of beauty, rhythm and dance. "I'm all about having fun," says Eva. Eva’s song “Not My Daddy” landed her in the top ten on the Billboard Dance chart. Her second single, “Ashes” debuted on the Billboard charts and peaked at the number two spot on Beatport. Although she sings about fashion, glam and popularity, ironically, Eva was never one of the cool kids. "I rocked to the beat of my own drum," says the sassy singer. "I'll admit it, I like to put myself out there. I like attention. " Eva is no standard pop-tart.

Over the past few years, she has put her soul where the beat is, opening for hip-hop icon Nas and Grammy-winner Alicia Keys in addition to headlining her own cross-country tour. While Eva's sound is definitely pop, she transcends musical confines, adding a little hip-hop, R&B, funk and rock to her music. "I want anyone to be able to rock out to my music!" stresses Eva. “I like pushing myself, being challenged and creating pop music that is going to resonate with everybody."

And listeners can't help but become obsessed with her sound. Eva's single, "Not My Daddy" featuring Gucci Mane, reached No. 8 on Billboard's Dance Charts. Her current single "Body on Mine" is currently playing on radio stations nationwide and was even featured on KissFM's Weekend Mixtape. Stories on Eva have appeared in the New York Post, TeenSpot, Pop2It, and many other online magazines.

Eva Universe has the world at her fingertips.


Eva - Not My Daddy (2011)
Eva - Ashes (2011)
Eva - Body On Mine feat. Tyga (2011)