Eve Hell and the Razors

Eve Hell and the Razors

 Acme, Alberta, CAN

An upright-bass-playing female-fronted Retro-rock 3 piece band that feeds off Classic American roots genres with a passionate cutting edge. Wireless and musically unfettered this band delivers their literal and figurative balancing act of rock and roots in a way that is refreshing and yet wonderfully familiar in character.


Dear Music Lover;

Hello, this is Eve here. Intentions are to keep this authentic, so I'm just going to lay it out for you instead of hiring a fan to write our bio. Eve Hell and the Razors is a *North* Americana 3 piece. The band started in the genre Psychobilly (essentially punk rock with an upright bass that play songs about old horror B-movie themes) and has now expanded into something more rootsy and earthy.. and more than 3 chords. My first paid gig was 1989, so, um, not new to this at all. Haha. Art is the main source of income for all members of the band. I think that speaks for itself as to our quality. We've played Canada, the States, and Europe, so we're the real deal. We are blessed to be experienced and happy to have skills valued by many. We love to play and are grateful that so many have given us the chance to share with them. 

We were quite busy and worked often in my hometown, Calgary and then a few things happened to slow us down and caused me to retreat into the rural badlands, so you guys haven't heard to much from us in the last three years. However, I have recovered from the injuries etc. my new little village is adorable and wonderful and I have a new lineup of absolutely killer, lively and fun players, and some new sounds to share with you. (Fair warning I bought a banjo and I know how to use it) The new sounds are inspired from hard work and rural life and freedom and happiness and I'm really stoked. We will get new clips up ASAP. 

We are back in full swing starting June 2018. (maybe sooner, check listings) Album #4 appropriately named "Therapy" is due in August of 2018 and will be on our label Transistor 66. Also check out the movie True Fiction, we will be on that sound track when it is released and we are currently working on another movie soundtrack, TBA. Festivals and other gigs will be in the shows listings.

Thanks for listening and checking in on us. We appreciate the visit and all the support through the years. Have a wonderful day, 

Peace and Love 


Fire It Up!

When the Lights Go Out
This album has covers on it, so to regulate permissions, it is only available through direct purchase. 

Snake oil


Set List

Some covers redone our way

And a bunch of our own stuff. :)

for more info please email evehell@hotmail.com