evelio faze

evelio faze


producer of drum n bass, electro, house and IDM. Cutting edge tracks. Experienced turtabulist (DJ) for revving up crowds. Live tracks. Remixes, reedits, audio engineering. I perform with original material, instruments, musicians as well as the hottest tracks by other artists. Roster of MC's.


Evelio Faze is a recording artist, musician and engineer. He's played bass guitar in bands who's music style ranges from punk to jazz. He graduated from full sail University as an audio engineer. He later did an internship at criteria recording studio and went on to work at studio center recording where he worked on SSL, Mackie and Rembrandt Consoles; He learned Digidesign Protools. He took that knowledge and produced many cutting edge tracks. Today he is an artist and performer. He tours around the world playing his signature eclectic mixes and live renderings that get crowds into a state of hysteria.


1996 LP, love and mind
1998 LP, thrones of desire
2000-2003 LP, ancient secret of bliss
2004 LP, Glimpse band
2006 - 2008 LP, Tips from the trenches
Summer 2008 - single, Big Easy BAss Attack
getting radio play.

Set List

I play 1, 2, 3 hour sets without a break.
I start by revving up the crowd. I follow with hard hitting tracks that makes crowds bounce. I bring in various musicians and MC's. I customize each set and performance to the needs of the venue or event. I often use choreographed dancers, lights and projected video's.