Evelyn Mitchell

Evelyn Mitchell

 Columbus, Georgia, USA

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Her Daddy Gives the Bride Away

Written By: Evelyn Mitchell

Six hundred feet under ground.
The roof of the mine came crashing down
I did all..I could to set him Free
But my friend was dying I could see. And he whispered these
word to me.

(Chorus) Take care of my only girl
Protect her from the world
Soon her wedding day arrives, and she'll become a bride
Tell them all who share her special day
Her Daddy gives the bride away.

2nd Verse-Why did this have to happen now
Days before her wedding vows
I gave her all the tie I had
But I could not replace her Dad..his words came back to me

Repeat Chorus

Bridge: I did my best to force a smile
Walking her slowly down the aisle
I kept my promise to my friend
For the day we would meet again

Repeat Chorus and sing 'Her Daddy give the bride away"