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It Was the Season

Written By: Ian Crewe

It Was the Season – Ian Crewe

Autumn air – never better
Northern breeze – cool you down
Summers gone – just a mem’ry
Only locals left around
Shorter days – chilly mornings
See your breath now in the air
Color changes in the forest
And the stars seem extra clear

I recall the day that I met you
It was a season on its own
You brought light into my darkness
Can’t get over how much we’ve grown

Take a breath – feel the sharpness
Almost cuts right to the bone
Laughter coming from the back yard
Kids are havin’ so much fun
Heavy snow – blur your vision
Grip the wheel – slower pace
Batten down – light a fire
Now’s a good time – slow the race


Winters gone – new beginnings
See the signs of life arrive
Soon there’s daylight – in the evening
Feels so good to be alive
Time for walks in the park soon
People smile a little more
Heavy coats in the closet
Such is life reborn

Sun is strong – feel it burning
Throw the steaks out on the grill
Go away – distant places
Take a walk up on The Hill
Time to go out on the water
Lounge around on the deck
City bustle – full of tourists
All of life – feels in check