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"NYC Band Rocks Again!"

"...snappy power pop, complete with tight harmonies and tons of energy to spare...until two years ago, they were fixtures on the Connecticut music scene...one thing is for certain, this state lost a talented band." -
thomas pizzola, 1.29.04
- Hartford Advocate


Evenstar, Mabel, Crabapple
If nothing else, evenstar are ambitious and eager to please: The New York City-based band aim to provide the “most energy-filled power pop rock on the planet.” You’ve gotta like a band with lofty goals. In their attempt to wow the kids and to provide a “crowd-interactive experience” at their live gigs, the boys spruce up the set with clever introductory music excerpted from some of your favorite TV programs of yore—like Fraggle Rock and The Love Boat—and include song clips between their originals, which are guitar-based pop à la Sponge. Albany’s own Mabel and Crabapple will share the bill
- Gadew Adren

"Blog Critics"

Evenstar: Support Your Local Bands

Maybe I'm getting old (ahem - 26), but big venue concerts just aren't doing it for me anymore. Sitting in section 306 at Madison Square Garden and trying to rock out to Incubus or The Rolling Stones while straining to see their pea-sized selves, and well, aside from the sensationally loud yet muffled-sounding speaker system that pulsates each thumping beat through my very being, I'm just not feeling it. Not to forget the ever-present moshing, a crowd shoving and pushing sport - does this really have to be done in front of a live band? Why don't these people form moshing clubs, pump up the jam in the privacy of their own homes, and shove, punch, jostle, and push each other to their hearts content there? And the prices for these concerts? Don't get me started.
LetÂ’s face it, for those who just want to feel the beat and rock and roll, the radio ain't cutting it either these days. So where are you going to get your fix? The solution - go out and support your local bands.
The best way to experience great music is to haul your ass down to your local dive bar or small club. They're intimate, just a little bit smoky, and have just enough room to dance if you want to; or, if you prefer, there are usually seats enough so that you may sit back and simply enjoy the music.
The best band to experience is one of the newest and lesser-known arrivals on the New York City scene: evenstar. In a sea of jaded rockers, punked-out punksters, and oh so blase psychedelic electro no wave artists, evenstar emerges as a refreshing, down-to-earth folk/pop/rock (label as you will) band whose powerful and melodic songs recall southern rockers coming out of music meccas Chapel Hill and Greensboro, NC.
Headed by Chris Courtney, lead vocals and guitar, and Sal Prizio, guitar and vocals, the guys play a winning mixed set of carefree danceable-to tunes and self-reflective ballads that sound just as good acoustic as they do plugged in. Full of youthful energy and still poignant at times, it's the kind of music you can enjoy with or without the accompaniment of the hazy happiness that only a good ole beer buzz can bring.

Spend an intimate night with evenstar, who oft frequent Lion's Den and CBGB Lounge in the Village in New York City and various locations in CT, while you can before you find yourself paying forty bucks, not including Ticketmaster surcharges, to strain to watch them from the third tier of a sold out 20,000-seat stadium. They're already moving on up with a gig at The Elbow Room coming up this Wednesday, October 16. You can find more information about the band, as well as song clips and show dates, at www.Evenstarmusic.com.
- Jen Woo


2006 - Ready For Takeoff - The bands latest effort and their best to date.

2005 - Bad Luck Yesterday - The breakthrough electric rock album.

2003 Searchlight - The debut EP from the band showed their song writing strength in acoustic form.


Feeling a bit camera shy


evenstar, simply put, is high energy hook laden rock music that you will find yourself singing for days. Its as easy as that.

The road to where they currently reside began back in NYC in mid 2001. The band set out playing local venues throughout the New York and New England area in support of their debut acoustic album, Searchlight. During this time they developed their sound and gathered a devoted fan base through constant touring on the east coast. On the road the band created a powerful performance style that includes a crowd interactive experience leaving the audience always wanting more.

evenstar's sound evolved from their early acoustic work to their signature intense rock sound featured in their latest release, Ready for Takeoff. This album is the perfect mix of melodic songwriting and powerful performances that will further increase the fan base of this young NYC trio.
Ready for Takeoff shows that these boys are ready to take it to the next level.

The band is currently doing what they have been doing for the past 4 years, taking their music on the road and winning fans over from city to city. Look for evenstar at a venue near you.