Even Temper

Even Temper

BandMetalNew Age

Low frequency sound-scapes and sonic poetry


EvenTemper is a collaborative ambient music project which is being developed by core member Jason Spooner. The project is best described as sonic poetry, each piece is designed to tell a story or convey a specific feeling.

Jason's specialist area is in the electric guitar, but he uses data flow programming environments (such as pure-data, http://puredata.info/) to manipulate the sound of his guitar is a cinematic fashion, to achieve dense aural landscapes.

The focus on live performance is strong, as the many drones and textures of the pieces require high volume and audience immersion to achieve the desired affect. The live performances are intense experiences for both audience and player, as improvisation is a key aspect of the music creation process.

EvenTemper is a muti media collaborative project which encourages participation from anybody who would like to get involved. Jason is keen to receive input in the forms of poetic and textural concepts from any party, and relishes in the challenge of multi instrumental setups. If you would like to get involved please feel free to contact Jason.


EVEN TEMPER, EP, coming soon

Set List

Sets usually consist of 1 or 2 sound pieces, each with an average running time of around 15 minutes.