Even The Resolution

Even The Resolution


Even The Resolution! A four piece rock band with a huge/new sound. Creativity and dedication to songwriting combine with immense musical talent to create a sound you can't find anywhere else. Get on board now...don't be told about it later!


Trying to set oneself apart from the rest is not an easy task! If it was, then the world would be a empty isolated place. But every now and then, you get a glimps of that light. That something good, that something wholesome, that something real. Take a step into that light! Even The Resolution! A group of four, from middle class America, with one goal, to be heard. Dedication has been this bands main focus, from song writing to getting the bands name heard. No rich parents, no small indie labels help. The band has done everything on its own. Releasing their own LP, getting constant airplay on Philadelphia's largest rock radio station, and being looked upon as one of Philly's best live show. This is the very beginning for this band, just two years from their first practice in Nick Noone's basement. Now the band is playing with National Acts in the biggest venues in their area. ETR is like no other from their song writing to their musicianship, the two elements have never been put together like this.


LP- Come Alive (2007)

Set List

All originals for as long as we are needed.