Event Horizon

Event Horizon


We are the best damn Progressive Metal Band in Canada, We are like a mix between Dream Theater and Symphony X with influences of Yes, and Queensryche. According to Bruce "Don't Call me Ash" Cambell - "We don't suck!"


In a world of generic four chord progressions and bad vocalists, two brothers commited to advancing the art of Progressive Metal in Canada form Event Horizon.
Many personel changes and creative differences have left the brother's and their vocalist seaching for the two key players that will bring them prosperity and a solid rhythm section!


The Richmond Sessions - Demo
"Diatonic Water" - 4:42
"Forgotten" - 4:22
"Collapse" - 3:21
"Misty Morning" - 4:52
"The Journey" - 5:49
"Reach Out" - 3:32 (Iron Maiden Cover)

Set List

Set list includes: Diatonic Water, Forgotten, Collapse, The Journey, Mistigris. (all originals) this generally takes up a 30 - 45 min. set time, including "jams" within the songs.
Then we can add cover songs as well.
Usually anything by Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Megadeth, Yes, Rush, Iron Maiden, Led Zepplin, Journey.