Even Twice

Even Twice

 Brooklyn, New York, USA

Prog/Punk, bass and drum duo whose energenic live shows are quickly attracting a cult following.

Band Members

  • Pat O'Shea Drummer, Vocalist
  • Bob Hait Bassist, Vocalist

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Factoryfast records
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City life

Written By: Pat O'Shea/Bob Hait

As I here approaching footsteps
and a stair that leads to nowhere
I can hear it in your eyes
that the past is complicated,
the solution, convoluted
and there's no place left to hide

City life-that once compelled you
City life- It now repells you
City life- when all is said and done
City Life- The backlash ain't no fun
City Life

Now I stare at my reflection
Pondering my own existence
I can only wonder why
That the paths are so elusive
and there's not tears left to cry


27 Plus ( August, 2013)- Self release

At least forever (December, 2014)-Self release

Intercado (August, 2015) Compilation- Factoryfast records

Valley of the Low (October,2015) Compilation- Factoryfast records

Scorched Earth (January,2016) Compilation- Factoryfast records