Rock band from the new orleans baton rouge area we have a fun show every one can enjoy! the band has its own music plus cover songs This is a must have band! were booking for this year and the dates are going fast Dont miss your chance to book EVERCREST!


Rock,Hard rock,Classic Rock
influences Zepplin,Oingo Boingo,Pantera,Stones,Black sabbath,Jhonny cash,Beck,ETC. We do the Classics with a modren hard edege sound to them!
And have our own music in rotation on the radio!


Our song that have been released. Wait,Pill,Bitter love,Stone age,wash away,Making sense And yes they are Streming We made no.1
on some hard rock stations!

Set List

1.come together 18.killing in the name of 40.roofs on fire

2.bloodletting 19. XTC 41.jenny jenny

3.7 nation army 20.personal Jesus 42.beautiful people

4.fake it 21.in-da-gada-da-vida 43.dock of the bay

5.my name is mudd 22.what I like about you 44.remedy

6.creep 24.black no.1 45.donkey butt

7.darling nikki 25.brainstew 46.sedated

8. Good 27.rebel yell 47.godzilla

9.simon says 28.sweet dreams 48.fight for your right

10.lemon song 29.the wall 49.home is where the hurt is

11.paint it black 30.sandman 50.boom I got your girl

12.whatever 32.should I stay or go 51.satisfaction

13.superfreak 33.sunshine 52.the man who sold the world

14.wallflower 35. t.n.t 53.bvd.of broken dreams

15.stray cat strut 36.relax